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Aug 28, 2006 09:14 PM

Disapointed at Lucky Devil's

We went last Wednesday because we heard the burgers were amazing. Ordered one of their many excellent beers though not enough were on tap and ordered the Kobe Beef Burger. After being told that the kitchen has a problem cooking their burgers rare my buddy and I ordered ours medium rare and they came out well done. I've read that this is a problem at LD's, but apart from the overcooked meat the flavors of the Kobe (if it really is Kobe and not just typical Wagyu), were comparable to Ralph's lean meat. Not a trace of buttery fat in the entire annoyingly molded patty. The bun was pretty dry as well and the fries, though very good, get old fast and don't keep you clamoring for more.

We didn't stick around for their famous dessert. Went instead to Lou for some wine and cheese.

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  1. Sorry you had such a negative experience. I was there for a second time not long ago and had a fine meal. Both times I got the burger, cooked a perfect medium rare. As to the beers on tap, I think they have an quality selection (Racer 5 IPA!) and more choices than most burger joints.

    1. We really enjoyed our medium rare burger at Lucky Devil's. We went fairly early on a Saturday, so the kitchen may not have been as burdened as at other times, but I preferred this burger to ones I've recently tried at Ford's Filling Station, Literati II and Wilson's (though the latter, coming with a short rib chili on top, was more than just a classic burger and very good).

      Agree about the fries -- nothing special. But the toasted pecan shake was YUMMMMMY!

      1. how do you offer a kobe beef burger and not be able to cook it rare? that's too bad :(

        1. We were there last week and ordered a rare burger. The burger was correctly cooked but it took me a minute to realize it. I thought it was overcooked. Actually, it took Mr. JudiAU to show me the truth. I think Kobe is pinker than regular beef and it isn't as obvious when it cooked rare.

          1. not so JudiAu. as a former chef who cooks kobe/waygu often, kobe/waygu is not necessarily more pink than regular beef. actually it's more white as it is abundantly marbled with thin striations of fat throughout the cut or patty.

            for kobe lovers who purchase waygu for this reason, the purpose is to fleetingly cook the kobe just enough to melt the fat to bathe and coat the muscle meat. this is what makes it more luxurious than leaner muscle meat with fat on the outside. kobe/waygu does not lend itself to be cooked beyond medium rare.

            i understand why an establishment would be nervous to serve rare hamburger, but a restaurant that cannot trust it's QC to assure its customers safety perhaps should not be serving rare ground at all which is riskier than serving rare cuts of meat. or maybe, we just shouldn't be ordering it. i never understand folks who get upset that someone will not cook a hamburger rare for them. if they won't, it's a sign.

            if it's not obvious, it's not worth the upcharge for kobe/waygu.

            hope that clarifies.