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Aug 28, 2006 09:03 PM

Black Salt?

Has anyone used the special "Black Salt" that comes from Pakistan?

Does it really add something more to a dish than Kosher or Sea Salt?


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  1. black salt is a distinct product which has a sulphurous flavor which some people love and others not - its used mainly in chaat and veg or fruit salad dishes. Its a special rock salt mined in India. Not interchangeable with ordinary or sea salt. that website is a little halfbaked in its descriptions.

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      Any particular brand /source worth using?


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        Nah, just go to the local Indian grocer or get whatever you see online. But - don't leave it in a twist-tied bag. Get a proper bottle for it. The stench -er- aroma seems to dissipate after a while if not tightly sealed.

        Don't use it in salt quantities. More like 1/8 tsp for four servings to start with. While up close the odor is foul, when diluted properly the flavor is remniscent of eggs, or ham, or perhaps mushrooms. So it's a very useful thing for adding a sensation of heartiness to vegan meals.

        Or you can get totally addicted to lightly sprinkling it over cut ripe mango.

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          Thanks, I'll have to remember that.


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          nah - its pretty much a generic product, sold in packets for a nominal price in indian stores. Sometimes Ive seen it in lumps so you can grind your own - might be fresher that way, but just for a try, that might be too much effort.

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          for knowing that, you are nominated an honorary indian.

          fyi, black salt is also eaten straight - though thats mainly a school kid thing, bought from street vendors. do you know aam papad (mango papad)? thats dried out sheets of mango - a little dab of black salt can sometimes make aam papad transcendental.

          in any case, aam papad by itself is stupendous. i see it here in london occasionally, but i've never noticed any in ny. if patel bros. carries it, see if you can find any non-gujju version - as usual, the gujjus sweeten things up.

        4. I have some Hawaiian black salt which is, I think, different than the Indian kind...I sprinkle it on tomatoes, cucumbers--anything that it's going to show up against. Nice flavor, great presentation.

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            Not at all the same thing; do not substitute!

          2. Indian black salt is as noted slightly sulphurous. The first time I encountered it was on roasted cashews, to which it gave a bit of a hard-boiled egg yolk aroma and flavor. Weird but kind of good. They also put it in lemonade for a sort of natural sports drink.

            1. Black Salt is actually Potassium Chloride which is commonly used as a salt substitute.

              I love Indian Food, and my favorite use of Black Salt (also called Sanchal) is to make a refreshing drink called "Salty Lassi".

              It contains 1 cup of plain fat-free yogurt, 2 C. cold water, 1/2 teas. Black Salt (I usually use at least 3/4 - 1 Teas, but it may take some folks a while to get used to the taste, so I'd start out small), 1/2 Teas. powdered cumin, ground Red Cayenne Pepper to taste or a chopped pickled jalapeno pepper.

              Mix all ingredients together in blender and pour over ice in tall glass. This is a cool, refreshing summer drink and is dietetic when made with non-fat yogurt.

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                Interesting. I saw some of this stuff at a market over the weekend.