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Aug 28, 2006 09:00 PM

Beef Jerky in Orange County

My husband and I are about to embark on a 14-day road trip across the Southwest, and need some sustenance to keep us going through those long hauls in the desert. I was hoping to order some beef jerky online, but I'm not about to pay $20+ for fast shipping through mahogany smoked meats. Are there any stores in the Orange County area (I'm in Irvine), that carry any delicious beef jerky? We like it spicy and moist (our fave is the habanero at mahogany). If not, maybe a place we can stop at on the way out of OC (via 55/91/60 freeways)?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. The OC Swapmeet (@ the OC Fairgrounds) have quite a few vendors (on Saturdays & Sundays) that carry an assortment beef jerky, if you're not planning on leaving until after next weekend. The ones I've sampled were moist and easy on the jaws.

    1. The absolute best jerky I have evey had is at Celestino's Meat Market in Costa Mesa. They are on 17th St (near Irvine Blvd). They make it in house with many different flavorings. They also have venison and buffalo.

      (949) 642-7191
      270 E 17th St
      Costa Mesa, CA 92627

      1. Never been here, but I saw it one day as I passed by. It's pretty close to Irvine.

        G & G Smoked Meat Market

        22641 Lake Forest Dr
        Lake Forest, CA, 92630-1726
        (949) 829-0600

        Let me know if this place or the one is Costa Mesa is good, as I might want to get some too.

        1. Auntie Dee's jerky store in Ave Del Mar in San Clemente. Few doors down from post office on Del Mar and El Camino.

          1. Patty's House of Jerky
            32692 Ortega Hwy
            El Cariso Village, CA
            (909) 609-3106

            From Irvine, it is about 25 miles.

            They offer several flavors of beek jerky and several different kinds of meats.