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Aug 28, 2006 08:54 PM

Trader Joe's open in Paramus NJ

Trader Joe's opened a store today in Paramus, NJ.

Anything interesting for us Kosher Chowhounds to look out for?

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  1. They carry a large assortment of kosher products. Trader Joe's store brand also has a nice variety of Kosher products. In the front of many Trader Joe's stores, there is a pamphlet which lists many of the kosher products that they carry. I highly recommend their store brand of humous (especially Tomato Basil flavor) and their store brand of Mole tortilla chips. Trader Joe's generally has good customer service and a good return policy.

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      1. If you, like us, eat cheese that is not necessarily certified but that doesn't have meat rennet, Trader Joe's is fantastic. They have cheeses without rennet that one can't usually find elsewhere (except maybe Zabars), like blue. They have great pre-cut vegetables, like dark leafy greens. Also, they have so many terrific certified products such as their terrific tortillas and parve chocolate chips. Their organic milk is priced much more reasonably priced than you'll find elsewhere. I could go on and on about Trader Joe's -- I love that place. At one point they were scouting a location in my neighborhood (UWS) but wound up in Union Square instead, breaking my heart.