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Aug 28, 2006 08:38 PM

Anything in Logan Circle.

Recently moved from Pentagon City with an abundance of eateries to Logan Circle, specifically N Street. I am dying over here. I haven't found food of any sort other than the Captial Supermarket, which I am afraid to go to after dark. I know Dupont is fairly close but I'm just looking for good neighborhood eats.

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  1. Let's see. You've got Logan Tavern on P Street, across the street from the Whole Foods. It's a perfectly good neighborhood restaurant. There's Viridian on 14th St, just north of P. There's Rice on 14th between Q and R, with arguably the best Thai food in DC proper. That's a start.

    1. Welcome! I think your neighborhood is officially Shaw, an area that was ravaged by drug trade in the 80s and lost a lot of infrastructure that is slowly being rebuilt.

      You don't need to venture out to Dupont, but you are going to have to walk at least a half a mile to find interesting food. Thai Thanic is on 14th below P Street. Your best bet, if you're looking for authentic Thai cooking, is to go with the specials. Mar de Plata has great seafood and tapas along with some amazing mojitos, but can be on the pricey side. You can keep walking north and find the P Street corridor restaurants across from Whole Foods.

      Shoot straight across N, cross Scott Circle and almost into Dupont, and you'll find the Tabard Inn. Chowhounds criticize it a lot, but the food at brunch is excellent and the ambience terrific.

      CLoser to home is Azi's Cafe on 9th. I've never been, but it looks like a good spot to get coffee or an Italian soda. A stroll down to NY Avenue gets you to Acadiana, one of the top 25 restaurants in the city.

      If you're looking for more ideas on Shaw, check out this link:

      1. What about those couple of Salvadoran places?

        1. i would avoid merkado on p str. in front of whole foods. the food is that of bad tex-mex. had better fajitas and nachos at taco bell. other wise, logan tavern is pub-grub w/ expensive prices and long waits. some what rude/arrogant service. i would second thai tanic. heard that stoney's will be occupying in the area.

          1. I recommend avoiding Merkado, which doesn't do either side of the Asian-Latino "fusion" equation well, in my opinion.

            The paella at Mar del Plata is absolutely scrumptious, and the place has a bit of charm if you sit in front and can watch the world go by...

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              merkado is no longer fusion but bad american-mexican.