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Aug 28, 2006 08:32 PM

St. Louis Fried Chicken

People keep mentioining Hodak's, and then people keep mentioning, rightfully so, that Hodak's isn't that good.

Porter's is the best friend chicken in St. Louis

Porter's Fried Chicken
3628 S. Big Bend Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63143

Eat it and never go anywhere else again......

unless of course you make the trek to KC for Stroud's which is truly and out of body dining experience.

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  1. I couldn't agree more that Hodak's chicken is less than wonderful - still can't figure out why the place is always packed!

    I don't really think Porter's is that good either, but it beat Hodaks by a mile. Neither hold a candle to the homemade fried chicken I ate as a kid. Too bad mom doesn't make it anymore - something about not being healthy - or maybe it's too much of a hassle, too messy. Who knows?

    Every year I get great fried chicken out in the ozarks at one of the local fairs, the Labor Day Picnic at Our Lady of the Snows. That's a long way to go for chow though.

    Perhaps fried chicken is something that is waiting out there for some brave local chef to take on.

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    1. re: jberendzen

      I know that picnic you speak of. There's a few others that also are worth a trip if you're somewhat nearby.

      There used to be a place just north of Jeff City that served everything family style and was incredible. I've heard it still exists but has moved. I also hear about the Jeff City airport on Sundays? I haven't checked that out, but I'd like to next time I'm back.

      As far as fried chicken in general, I'm now out in DC, the start of the south, and while there are a couple of places, there are far fewer than you'd think. However, down in NC there is a plethora, including some chains that really do it right - most notably in my mind being Mrs. Winners.

      1. re: Dennis S

        The place north of Jeff you are talking about, I think, is the Westphalia Inn. They have really great fried chicken, served family style in their renovated house. It's pretty cool. I haven't been there for a couple of years though.

    2. Have any of y'all tried Del Monico Diner or Sweetie Pie's for fried chicken? Them's good eatin'!!!!

      1. Westphalia is SOUTH of Jefferson City on Hwy. 63. I think the place you are referring to NORTH of Jeff. City would be Nick's Homestead, but it is closed now. However, I have heard that it has relocated to the Jeff. City Airport, you're right, and continues to serve great home-cooked family-style food.

        Westphalia Inn, by the way, is housed in an old hotel, I understand.

        1. Porters is our family fav'! I was just realizing that it is a short walk from one of the new metrolink stations. sounds like as good a reason to try the new shrewsberry link as any!( 'course Zinnia's is off the same staion.)