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Aug 28, 2006 08:31 PM

pimiento question

I'm trying to make a soup recipe from the Chez Panisse Cooking cookbook, and it calls for "pimientos" it describes as red, heart-shaped, and sweet but with a little bite. anyone got a clue what these are?

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  1. They are large sweet heart-shaped red peppers. Sometimes they are canned. You can substitute pimento with large red bell peppers.

    1. The real things are hard to come by, heart shaped and a bit meatier than regular red bell peppers. I always substitute roasted and skinned red bell peppers when making pimento cheese.

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        hey, that's great. thanks. I'll try the roasted move.

      2. Probably too late for your recipe - but for what it's worth, pimentos are available from Goya in small jars. The jars usually contain two pimentoes...which do very closely resemble in look & flavor, skinned red bell peppers...