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Fractured Prune Donuts? How Good are they REALLY?

so, I've heard about them. Then, in this month's Southern Living magazine, there is a two page article about the Fractured Prune Donut Shop in Ocean City. So, that lead me to their website where I found they are franchising now and have locations coming to Dupont Circle and Arlington. So, the question is - are they as good as they look and sound? I can't imagine they wouldn't be. What are the best ones?

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  1. The Fractured Prune donuts are known because they come out piping-hot fresh and they are best eaten that way. (At room temperature they are nothing spectacular in my opinion)I love the OC Sands (honey glaze, with cinnamon/sugar) and French toast (maple glaze,c/s), which are amazing! (They taste like funnel cake.) But I do NOT like the banana glaze at all or the other fruity glazes.

    Hope that helps!

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      I don't like the fruity stuff either, but my kids do. You can do some really goofy combos, and it just totally depends on your taste. My husband likes ones with the banana glaze and chocolate chips, and peanut butter glaze and choco chips. He likes stuff with Oreos too (like banana with oreos). I like the orange glaze with coconut sometimes but for the most part I go for the honey glaze with cinnamon sugar. Yum!

    2. I agree, warm is best, and I am not at all a donut lover. My definite pick is the "OC Sands".

      1. I am a donut lover, and I think that fractured prune donuts are out of this world. Warm is great, warm with fresh coffee nearly perfect. Seeing how they work as a franchise will be very interesting. Try at least one of the fruity ones, raspberry is very, very good-- I must concur though, the OC sands donut is simply divine!

        1. Not to be disagreeable, but I think (based on experience with the Rehoboth DE location) that their donuts are not so good. Maybe I'm weird in that I prefer some subtlety in my donuts, but there is no subtlety whatsoever in a fractured prune. Sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar, lemon (or whatever other) flavoring x10, all just too much -- unless of course you are looking for an over-the-top experience. Give me a Krispy Kreme any day.

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            With all due respect, Krispy Kreme is a different kind of a donut that those made by the Fractured Prune. Personally, I like them both, but I'm easy when it comes to donuts.

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              I concur. Had FPs a couple times, cloyingly sweet and leave a definite lingering sludgy feel on the palate.

              I'm a fool for Shopper Food Warehouses store made yeast doughnuts. Sweet exterior glaze, tangy yeasty crumb. Subtle man, subtle.

            2. We went to the northern OC location this weekend - twice. My husband likes cakey donuts, I like squishier ones, but these were both of our favorite donuts ever. Our faves were cinnamon sugar w/honey or maple syrup, raspberry glaze w/powdered sugar (him), chocolate w/oreo crumbs (me). Anything with mini chocolate chips was just too much. Definitely eat them hot.

              I'm worried about the big franchise spread, ala Five Guys, but still have high hopes.

              1. Ellicott City had a Fractured Prune franchise for about eight or nine months a few years ago that never caught on. Guess it's just an OC thing.

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                  Several locations have come and gone in my neck of the woods (Fairfax-Loudoun).

                2. I was born in England and for me Fractured Prune are the closest I can get to street vendor donuts I used to eat as a kid on Saturday mornings while my mom was shopping. I don't care for them with fancy topings or glazes, just hand that baby to me right out of the fat and I'm happy.

                  1. One morning every summer when I was young, my father would take me and my 3 sisters to pick out our donuts at FP in OC. I loved the orange icing sprinkled with coconut. No sister picked the same combos. When I saw that one opened around the corner here in Rockville, I wanted to visit to see if it was as I remembered. Good donut, but spending that much on one donut that I shouldn't be eating in the first place...

                    1. My kids love them, but I could live without em. They leave a greasy film in my mouth, even when eaten warm. Blech.

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                        I tried them twice.............they tasted as bad the second time as the first. They are way too sweet and over glazed........yuck!

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                          I have to agree. They are so sickeningly sweet, with fake flavors, and then that nasty greasy sludge on the roof of your mouth . . . no thanks!

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                          With me it was the opposite. I liked FP, but my kids didn't care for it. I appreciated the variety of toppings available and that the donuts were always fresh. My kids preferred KrispyKreme's sweetness.

                        3. It really depends on what you are looking for/expecting. My favorite is old Winchell's or Lamar's rainbow sprinkled w/white icing cake doughnut. if you are looking for an iced doughnut, or anything but cake (e.g., raised), you will be disappointed. They only have cake, and they only have glazes (plus toppings).

                          For the type they are, I think they are really good. And it is nice to be able to customize. They are best when they are hot and fresh.