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Aug 28, 2006 08:22 PM

Honeymooning in Napa/Sonoma - Looking for someplace special

My future husband and I will be honeymooning in Napa/Sonoma the second week of October. We decided to forgo the whole French Laundry thing because we figured we could find some highly exceptional restaurants at a lower pricepoint.

Could you suggest some special, romantic, outstanding restaurants ideas ideal for a honeymooning couple?


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  1. If you are in Northern Sonoma/Healdsburg area, go to Santi in Geyserville. The food is fantastic and they have a nice wine list with a lot of Italian wines. It's not really cheap but it's not French Laundry prices either. Very nice place.

    1. Hard to say much w/o knowing your preferences. Auberge du Soleil?

      Perhaps ask the hotel or inn you're staying at. At the least, they could be very helpful with a reservation. If you mention it's your honeymoon, they'll probably be extra helpful.

      1. Madrona Manor restaurant in Healdsburg would fit your description--quiet, romantic, beautiful property to wander around, great food.

        Also, we've always enjoyed the restaurant at Domaine Chandon. It's undergone wome recent changes, including the name (now called Etoile) and we haven't been there since these changes occurred. I assume that you can still dine outside on the beatiful terrace, overlooking the grape vines.

        1. Congratulations! What town(s) will you be staying in? This will help narrow down the romantic choices.

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            We are staying in Sonoma, but don't mind driving to other towns. The suggestions so far are great. Thanks everyone!

          2. Bistro Don Giovanni in Napa. Tell the reservations person you are honeymooning, will be arriving late, and want a quiet table in the corner. Drink only Champagne. Feed each other, by hand. Order 4 of the desserts, to go. Pay for the dishware or promise to return it on your 1st Anniversary.