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Aug 28, 2006 08:18 PM


I need a good margarita, does anyone know of any good happy hours with great prices that have ritas in the loundon va. area?

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  1. There's a new place in Broadlands called "Del Ray" that's about to open, or may be open by now. Haven't been, but I hear it's a small national chain with great food and drink (which has to refer to margaratas).

    Otherwise there's La Tolteca in Sterling (Countryside Silo) - never had their margaritas, but they have $2 Corona's at happy hour. Some people rave about their food, I've been there twice - maybe I selected wrong, but thought it was only mediocre.

    1. There are some good deals on premium calls at Rio Grande (Uncle Julio's) at happy hour. The closest one to you I know of is in Reston Town Center - not too far, but not super close either.

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        ditto. rio grande makes fabulous margaritas, and they're a couple bucks off at happy hour. just not one in loudoun unfortunately.