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Aug 28, 2006 07:52 PM

DASSA-BASSA does anybody have any experience with it?

or recommendation for some impressive new spanish chef's in madrid...

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  1. I went recently. It is not worth going at all. Service is awful: 1 hour to get hour first bite of food, no drinks...

    I invited a friend for a celebration and it was really embarrasing.

    Foodwise we found it very disappointing: overcooked food, tones of garlic...

    Very pretentious looking food, with very low cooking quality.

    I hope it helps people not to repeat my mistakes.

    There are much better places in Madrid like Goizeko Wellington for example.

    1. Went there over a year ago and really liked it. Did the tasting menu and was great. Did not find any problems with the service like the other review, and found them all to be very pleasant. Would recommend going.

      1. Excellent in 2006.

        1. Just got back from a trip to Spain, which included an evening at Dassa Bassa, where we ordered the 5-course Dassa (as opposed to the 7-course Bassa) menu.

          I can neither rant nor rave about our experience. Put it like this: it is to the world of Adria-school cooking what H&M is to the world of fashion.

          Very pleasing to the eye, stylistically of-the-moment, but at the end of the day, definitely a knock-off. Although all the dishes were absolutely beautiful to look at, they ranged in taste from pretty good (pressed cochinillo) to bland and odd (translucent, room-temperature saffron soup slime).

          For this style of cooking, the prices are quite reasonable, with their largest, 7-course menu costing 70 euros before VAT.

          For the most part, we found the service helpful and attentive, especially for Madrid. Before suggesting specific wines, our waiter took a moment to double-check our food order for appropriate pairing. And Dario Barrio made a specific effort to drop by each of the tables and say hi.

          I probably wouldn't recommend this restaurant to anyone who has already had some dining experiences with the whole food science/molecular gastronomy thing. But for the uninitiated or those looking for a good value for this style of cooking, it's not a bad bet.