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Long Beach to Orange County-interesting eating

Please help-we need a place for dinner in the Long Beach- Northern OC area with tasty cutting edge cuisine - we have tried some of the standards and are looking for someplace new- -not neccesarily a fancy place, but imaginative cooking.

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      thanks for the link, it looks interesting!

    2. s vietnamese...great food, great chef, wonderful space. in the mall in HB across the fwy from westminister.

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        sounds like it is worth checking out!

      2. I second the nomination for S. A fine spot. Not snooty, but sleek and well-executed. It's a definite sleeper.

        1. my indian friends and i also love hole-in-the-wall buhkara indian in HB.

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            Will heartily second Bukhara. Consistent high quality and friendly service.

          2. Cafe Hiro in Cypress sounds perfect. Japanese - French fusion, very creative.

            Our own elmomonster has written extensively about the place:

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              Sounds just like what we are looking for! Thanks!

            2. How about South African peri-peri sauce, bunny chow, bitalong (spelling?), ect.?


              1. there's a new restaurant(open for about a month now) in placentia/yorba linda called "fish in a bottle". Its kind of a fusion sushi place but they have an interesting menu with lots of variety.

                If i remember, i had a filet mignon asparagus appetizer thingie that was so-so, a bit salty for me. There were a lot of things thta i wanted to come back and try out because the it looked so interesting.

                I also had some of their unique rolls(they have a huge list of different types, along with some sashimi(i think yellowtail, tuna, and salmon). Quality was nothing to write home about but there was nothing i could complain about as far as food quality.

                I'm sorry i couldnt give a more detailed/experienced review since i've only been there once.

                I look forward to going back again later when their service gets a bit more experienced. They were very courteous and like to start conversation, even the head chef comes out all the time to check with the patrons. Only problem was that they were a bit slow and confused when i went(i suppose its expected in a new restaurant).

                i cant seem to find an address, but i know its on Rose and Imperial in Placentia/Yorba Linda border. Its in the same center as the carls jr and directly next to the arco station. its the first store by the street, so it shouldnt be hard to miss.

                i have a chopstick wrapper iwth their address at home, i'll get the address for ya'll later.

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                  this sounds interesting, thanks for the suggestions as Sushi Studio is no longer as good as it was!

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                    Fish in a Bottle is at the location of the old Steamers restaurant, at 1205 E Imperial Hwy , Placentia, CA Phone - (714) 528-4000. The owner/chef does a great job blending his oriental roots with California tastes. We took friends who dislike sushi, and they had a blast. Where else can you find a "Cowboy Roll" with steak (cooked) instead of fish? The food quality is good, and the menu is both creative and extensive. I highly recommend it.

                  2. Sophie Thai in Long Beach has amazing food. But it's a small place, so if it's busy, be prepared to wait.

                    I'm not the biggest fan of Cafe Hiro and would advise trying it skeptically (sorry Elmo Monster)

                    But, I have had several good experiences at Park Ave. in Stanton.

                    1. Park Avenue in Stanton is one of the bright spots in OC. The chef is very skilled and understands the value of quality ingredients and balanced flavors. Pretty much everything is at least very good to excellent there and everything is made from scratch including the ketchup and mustard. The menu is gourmet comfort food yet creative and the decor is deco sleek.

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                        as much as I ADORE Park Ave, i don't think it falls under their "cutting edge" criteria. it's certainly a nice change from the norm in OC, but it's more like a classic diner with some hipster cool shaken, not stirred.