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Aug 28, 2006 07:07 PM

Magnum of Chateau d'Yquem 1991

So - I know this wasn't the greatest year, and my magnum has surely suffered from less than idea storage over the last five years. I'm determined to drink it this fall - my questions are how should I serve - e.g., with what - and for how many guests. TIA

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  1. I'd serve it chilled to a large group of friends. One could pair it with seared Foie Gras (a common pairing), or as dessert itself after the meal. I've not seen a magnum of d'Yquem, and have only had the '91 at a vertical tasting. It was good (Chateau d'Yquem doesn't produce in a bad year), but did pale to the '90, plus many of the older ones. Depending on how you like your Sauternes, it might not have aged as much as the years indicate, due to the container size. Regardless, it should be excellent, provided that it has been stored properly in the 10+ years.


    1. "has surely suffered from less than idea storage over the last five years"

      Depending on what you mean by this, I might be hesitant to invite any friends over, particularly not a large group.

      So, what does it mean?

      (Even a pristine bottle, I might hesitate to serve to a large group. I like Sauternes and don't mind having a second glass of lesser wines. Yeah, there's joy in sharing - and then there's once in a lifetime wines). Decent dinner party, 6 people, that's plenty.

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        I guess I might have some back up wines - or open it in the morning and decide if they were needed!

        Less than ideal storage means I received the bottle as a gift (bought from Sherry Lehman) about five years ago, and it has not been kept in a temperature controlled environment - don't have one.

      2. Go to the "Wines and food matches" page of this hard-to-navigate Flash site and there are some good suggestions.

        I'd be tempted to have a very small group and drink it through the meal.

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          That is one thought that I had, though I wondered if it would be too cloying!

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            In Escoffier's day, Sauternes was served not only with Foie Gras, but also with Lobster and Shellfish. This may seem strange to your guests, but I've had it with lobster and thought it was sublime.
            Although many Sauternes may seem cloying, Yquem has a structure and depth of flavor which make it more appropriate for savory dishes than lesser Sauternes and Barsacs. In addition to Lobster and Foie Gras, some hard, sharp cheeses might benefit well from the pairing.

            1. re: ronzen

              Thanks - I actually think that I have a recipe torn from the NYT Sunday magazine that calls for cooking lobster with sauterne.

              1. re: MMRuth

                I wouldn't use good Sauternes in cooking, I'd substitute Beaumes de Venises.

                Nor would I particularly want to match dishes cooked with sweet wines with Yquem. The interesting about good Sauterenes (like great off-dry rieslings) is that they're good with savory dishes.

        2. I'm surprised nobody's gonna mention pairing it with creme brule. A magnum is a crapload for dessert, but you could serve it over the course of the dinner with a smaller group.