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Aug 28, 2006 07:04 PM

Help! Places to Send Guests Between Wedding and Reception in Manhattan

My friend is having a wedding this Saturday in Manhattan. The ceremony will be at a church near 90th and 1st Ave at 4 p.m. and the reception, at 49th and 1st Ave., does not start until 7 p.m, unfortunately.

I am in charge of finding a good place for guests to hang out (have a drink, a snack?) until the reception starts. Does anyone have any ideas?

The bride and groom were thinking that a place closer to the reception would be best, but they're open. There will be about 80 guests at the reception, but we won't need to accommodate all of them.

I think I need to pick something by Wednesday or Thursday, so that they can make small flyers with the suggested places. Thank you kindly for any suggestions!!

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  1. One idea would be Cafe Sabarsky for coffee and kuche - 86th & 5th. Caryle Hotel for drinks - Mad & 76th. Via Quadronno - great coffee - Mad & 73rd.

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      And, they can catch the Klimt show at the Neue before or after Cafe Sabarsky. It's a great, small but lovely museum for out-of-towners. And everyone is familiar with Klimt. They'll fit right in with their wedding attire, too!

    2. What about a nice hotel bar...Beekman or another in that area...UN Plaza, Hyatt, Palace, etc.

      Been a while since I frequented that area but perhaps a search of the areas hotel lounges... Always comfortable, sizable, good service, less crowded. Additionally, there is always a bar menu and they are clean and comfortable for fancy dress...

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        If there are guests coming from out of town, they might appreciate the bar at the top of the Beekman Tower, but only for a drink. for Snacks, how about Sakagura on 43rd street?

      2. If it is about convenience I would say Fiona's (Irish pub)87th and first. Very hospitable staff, not fancy but nicer than most of its kind

        1. Those are great suggestions! and I love Cafe Sabarsky..

          Aside from the Beekman, what would be best hotel bar/lounge to recommend? How is the UN Plaza hotel?

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            As I mentioned before, it has been a while since I frequented the area so I do not know how the UN Plaza lounge is now but, perhaps you could offer guests a few options... for the younger, hipper crowd, the W on Lex and 49th has a cool bar/ lounge... a bit east but not too bad, just three or four blocks... then there is the Waldorf for the classic cocktail lounge (I used to love the Cocktail Terrace with the harpist) on 49th and Park... I know there are others closer to 1st, around the UN Plaza and Beekman but someone else can probably help you better with those details than me.

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              there's also the cellar bar in the bryant park hotel (40th btwn 5-6) for the younger crowd, maybe...they have great cocktails and a nice menu for delicious snacks.

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                I think the bride and groom and leaning toward the W Hotel bar. Thanks for the help!

            2. World Bar at Trump would be convenient, if pricey.