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Aug 28, 2006 06:45 PM

where to Pho in Oakland

I've moved away but am frequently in Da Town for A's games, family, etc. I remember my first Pho when Pho 84 used to be across the street from the Alice Arts center. I had found a new favorite food! I used to frequent it for lunch when it moved to 17th St. Last time I went there, it was throroughly unremarkable.

Where are the best Pho joints in the Big O?

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  1. i like the pho place on 10th between webster and harrison.. sorry don't remember the name.

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      I concur, I think it's Pho Hoa Lao. They also have another branch on International near 5th Ave.

    2. There's another one that I stop at some times before heading to the game. If you're heading south on 880, you can partially see it on the left hand side of the freeway next to a Burger King. You have to get off the exit before 23rd St. and head back over the freeway. Sorry, once again, have no name for you.

      Go A's!

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        That's Pho Hoa Hiep -- get off at 16th and backtrack over the overpass. It's on the other side of E. 12th from the Burger King.

        I think it's pretty good, but I'm no pho connoisseur. And it has parking, which can be hard to find around a lot of Oakland pho joints.

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          Thanks for helping w/ the name Ruth!

      2. I love Pho Ao Sen on 2nd and International.

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          Haven't been to the Oakland original, but the branch in Newark is my absolute favorite in the Bay Area. Thanks for recommending it and making me aware of the name.

          Pho Ao Sen 2 in Newark -

        2. This afternoon I had a bowl of orange skin duck noodle soup (ho fun-wide noodle) at VIEN HOUNG located on Franklin St. between 7th and 8th Streets in Oakland Chinatown. It was $6.25 with good-size chunks of duck with lettuce and sprouts in the soup. Quite good. Other soups are in the $5.25 to $6 range. They also have rice dishes.

          I also second the recommendation of Pho Hoa Lao on 10th Street near Webster though it's been a few years since I've been there. If you are open to something a little different, there are Korean restaurants that serve a spicy seafood noodle soup called jammpong (zampong?) such as Chef Yu on the west side of Telegraph between 39th and 40th Streets in Oakland. About $6.

          1. I went to a ton of pho places about a year ago in a desperate attempt to find good pho in either Oakland or Berkeley, and I was very sadly unsuccessful. Compared to the places in San Jose, the East Bay really can't hold a candle; a lot of them don't use any star anise or actually cook the rounds before dropping it in the broth (I think because the chefs cut the beef too fast and can't get the slices thin enough). At all the places, I would skip the tripe, mostly rubbery goo. I liked Pho Hoa Lao the best. If you find a place you like, please, please, please post it.