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Aug 28, 2006 06:44 PM

Best Irish bars for Woodside and Sunnyside bar crawl?

Can anyone recommend the best bars in the Sunnyside/Woodside area for a bar crawl. This is the third anniversary of our US Open bar crawl and I thought I'd invest some thought into it this time so we don't end up with a poorly-poured Guinness from dirty lines.

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  1. i like the gaslight--queens blvd btwn 44th and 43rd. nice beer garden.
    cuckoo's nest is another option--woodside avenue and 61st street.

    1. Donovan's pours a lovely Guinness, and their cheeseburger is one of the best in the city. It's on the south side of Roosevelt Ave (under the 7 train) at or near 58th Street.

      1. With the weather last night - we opted for a Sunnyside-only crawl. And, with the quality of the first bar, we ended up having too many pints there to make it a really quality crawl. Anyways...

        Breffni Inn Bar
        43-45 40th Street

        Just off of Queens Blvd., a rather large pub with a stage in the back and the bar up front. By far the best of the crawl, but it was DEAD on a Tuesday at about 10. However, nicely poured Guinness, cheap prices (two Bass and a Guinness was $10), and an amiable Aussie bartender kept us here for well over an hour and three rounds. Bad way to start any crawl. Anyways, only other notable tap was Smithwick's.

        The Courtyard
        40-18 Queens Boulevard

        Crossing the Boulevard del Muerte, we hit up The Courtyard next. Well, we stopped at the taco truck for a quick bite, which we brought into the Courtyard. A decent Guinness, Strongbow on tap, and an otherwise OK beer selection. Outdoor garden space, and much livelier.

        Maggie Mae's
        41-15 Queens Boulevard

        Another hop across the Boulevard, this time to the tune of "Maggie Mae" by the Pietasters. (Those six pints of Guinness were starting to hit.) Friendly Irish bartender (I don't think her name was Maggie, though) but a rather poorly poured Guinness. There was also a noticeable stink of an orange-based cleaning product that permeated the room. Nothing truly great on tap. The Brooklyn Lager was "off-tasting+ according to a friend, the bartender gave him a Guinness instead. There were about 30 people in their 20s and 30s here at about 12:30 am on a Tuesday night.

        Flynn's Inn
        43-13 Queens Boulevard

        This place was dead - only two other patrons. An amiable bartender, though only three taps - Stella, Bud, and Guinness - and the Stella was kicked. An OK Guinness, but this place was dead. They have a nice patio in back, but not much to speak of inside.

        43-17 Queens Boulevard

        This place was packed - about 60-70 people there at about 1:30 am on a Tuesday, mostly in their 20s and 30s, about half Irish. Got a table up front, but things went south quickly - the bartender poured a pint of Brooklyn Lager, let it settle, then topped it off with *gasp* Yuengling. (Strangely, it wasn't half bad.) However, this was definitely the best poured Guinness of the night, which was nice as it was to be my last. Comfortable, but clearly the place to be on a Tuesday night - seems like it was picking up when we left shortly before 2:30 am.

        So, that was that. Definitely will be going to Breffni again. For those looking to add something of a chowish slant to a crawl like this, Yamazake (Japanese/Tibetan), Tangra (Desi-Chinese), and Hemsin (Turkish) are all nearby, and you can stop at the Butcher's Block beforehand to stock up on Irish crisps and candy bars.

        1. I know this is late, but my favorite irish bar in Sunnyside/Woodside, used to be called The Wall, I know it has changed names but the outside looks like fake's run by a really nice guy and is frequented by irish bikers. Thin Lizzy on the jukebox, what more could you ask. NOT your average irish bar. It's been a while, but it was under the 7 train on about 58th Street I think? Shane McGowan used to go there when he was in town, that should tell you something. No, I never saw him though.