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Aug 28, 2006 06:30 PM

Queen's Quay/Harbourfront eating and drinking

My friend just moved to this area from Boston and wants to go out for dinner and drinks to celebrate her new job. What are the chowish places nearby? Any place with great drinks (such as fresh fruit juice martinis)? What about Pink Pearl, or any hotel restaurants nearby?

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  1. I can't offer too much positive in the area - just a warning to stay far, far away from the Boathouse Grill. It's got a nice harbourview and great people watching, but everything I ate or drank there, except for the calamari, was terrible.

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      Jacquilynne, have you tried Keating Channel? Is it any good??

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        Must agree with Jacquilynne. Unfortunately. This is a terrible neighbourhood for eating.

        There is good but somewhat overpriced dim sum at the Queen's Quay Centre (something Pearl? Pearl Harbour?).

      2. I'm a Harbourfront/QQ 'hound myself, and I second Pearl dim sum. IMHO I don't think it's overpriced considering the killer view and quality of food that you're getting. Plus the service there is very good, and the a la carte dim sum is always an option too.

        That being said, there isn't much along the main drag of QQ (although I keep meaning to give Porticello a shot because I've heard it's good). Guirei is *very* hit or miss: sometimes the food is good, sometimes the sushi isn't so fresh (yikes), and the service is usually pretty slow, but usually very friendly.

        I would recommend that your friend venture north a bit from QQ for good eats: King West/Bathurst and the Esplanade/Church/St. Lawrence areas are within walking distance.

        1. I live at Harbourfront, there is nothing really good there. Pearl is not bad Chinese food but a little pricey. For drinks, you can go to Lago. Both are in the Queens Quay terminal. The Ichiban restaurent a bit further west is not too bad. Their chirashi sushi, which is sashimi arranged on sushi rice, is excellent value (3 pieces each of 5 kinds of fish) and the fish pretty fresh. However for a real celebration head to other parts of the city. St. Lawrence Market area, which is pretty close, has lots of excellent choices, as does the "entertainment disctrict" on King West and John.