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Aug 28, 2006 06:00 PM

Going to Seattle for the weekend ,looking for suggestions for dinner .

I will be Seattle for this weekend and would like to try restaurants that are in the downtown area.
We will be staying very close to the Pike Market.

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  1. Go to Etta's - don't remember the adr - it's WONDERFUL
    It's one of Tom Douglas' places
    We ended up going there twice while we were in Seattle for 4 days!!!!
    Meant to try his other places, but didn't have enough time - he has 4 restaurants
    Also "Flying Fish" got high marks from locals

    1. Is there any type of food or kind of restaurant you would like to experience? Where are you travelling from? I seem to recall someone very recently posted a similar query to yours, so you may find some ideas if you search recent entries.

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      1. re: ssusu

        I would like to experience something local. I will be traveling from California so I have pretty much tried all kinds of cuisine.

        looking for a Seattle experience.

      2. Restaurant Zoe. Great thing happening over there. I never leave unimpressed

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        1. re: mcfaim101

          FYI, Zoe will be closed Sunday and Monday for the holiday.

        2. if you have a car...and don't mind going out of city center i'd suggest the stumbling goat far the best restaurant.

          1. in the afternoon, get some pastries and artisanal chocolates at Essential Bakery (ok, not really downtown, but worth a cab ride) and have a picnic on top of the hill at Gasworks park looking at Seattle skyline. Come back downtown, start with a Douglas fir martini at Cascadia, then some Stellar Bay oysters at the Brooklyn, then Dungeness crab tart and sablefish at Chez Shea, then a huckleberry w/ melon sorbet dessert at Union...retire to the lounge at Licorous for some drinks...other ideas, anybody?