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Aug 28, 2006 05:51 PM

a garden full of thai basil.....

Does anyone have any recipes/suggestions for preserving this type of basil that keeps it special flavor qualities in SE asian cooking? I usually use the whole fresh leaves as an end-stage garnish or stir fry ingredient.

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  1. you could try hang-drying it, but freezing puree in ice cube trays seems to work best for herbs in the range of flavor with thai basil.

    1. I use Thai basil for my pesto instead of Genovese, and freeze it for later use. You could try pureeing it with olive oil which seems to preserve some of the flavor, and freezing it. But it won't be the same as fresh basil to finish a Thai curry.

      1. Rachel Ray (i know i know) had a great tip: use stock instead of oil -- for pesto this is awesome, and i bet if you did that w/the thai basil and then froze it you could have a great base for soup/curries too