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Aug 28, 2006 05:50 PM

Great meal Kabab Cafe... and he's looking for a new cook.

We ate again at Kebab Cafe last night. The duck was superb. He also made, on a bizarre special request, a schnitzel. Who would have thought he could make delicious German food?

And I forget what they’re called, but he makes these delicious fried pieces, some with bastourma others with cheese on the inside. Oh they’re good.

And a new wonderful item was a tuna salad. But not your mother’s kind. Nice chunks of (raw?) tuna in a salad with a tremendous amount of raw garlic. Also with some greens, rice wine vinagar, basil, and sumac. Talk about fusion done right!

Also of note: chef/owner Ali is looking for a new cook. Luis, after 5 years, is moving on in a week or so. No doubt the pay is bad and the hours long, but if somebody is looking to work there and learn under his tutalage, stop by and inquire.

25-12 Steinway St.
Astoria, NY 11103

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  1. Wow, losing Luis is another blow for Ali. In my experience, he never let another assistant help him as much as Luis. One time at lunch, Luis cooked an entire meal for us and it was great.

    I hope Luis is getting a better-paying job. He deserves it.

    And thanks for the tip about the new items. I saw Ali at the BBQ-NYC event and he was in good spirits.

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      can't wait to get back to new york and try it. this is highest on my list. i love those idiosyncratic, quirky joints with dedicated chefs and no menus. always just a little more interesting than the cookie cutter joints around town.

    2. the fried pieces are called something like fatiya, with an accent on the "i". take a strip of mild white cheese about 1 cm by 1 cm by 8 inches, wrap it philo dough, fry it crisp, and then cut it like sushi; lay it out on the plate with a little hummus and olive oil and some apple wedges. eat it right away while it is crisp and hot and while you are hungry. wow.

      1. Losing Luis probably is a blow. But I can't help but feel it may be the best for both of them. 5 years is a long time for those two men to be in the same small place together.

        Best I can tell Luis is getting a little more money, but isn't moving up in the food world at all.

        Let's hope Ali can find a good replacement. Otherwise he's goig to have some long hard nights there. That's for sure.

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          Too bad about luis -- he should open his own restaurant.

        2. wow, it'll be hard but im sure Ali will pull through. I've got to think positive about it because for me there's no other option! We can't lose him. I'm glad that Luis will be doing well though, he's a good egg. And now to go pay that man a visit and try out the new grub!

          1. where's louis working at now? is it also an eyptian or mediterranean restauerant? in astoria, queens too?