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Aug 28, 2006 05:45 PM

Hell's Kitchen Breakfasts....weekdays and Sat


I'm looking for some good places for breakfasts/brunch (french toast, corned beef and hash, eggs, omelettes, etc) in Hell's Kitchen (W. 40's, W. 50's, from 8th to 10th Avenues). Not too fancy or expensive however.

I've been to Vinyl and liked that a lot, however, am interested in other options. Ethnic options are great too.



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  1. Check out the Renaissance Diner on 9th at 52nd(?). One of the better traditional neighborhood diners in manhattan. Great spinach and feta omelettes.

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    1. Are either of those places baby-tolerant?

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        When I went to Vinyl, it seemed very baby tolerant. I went with my 18 month old nephew.

        1. re: nycrani

          Vinyl is great though a bit of a tight space. Renaissance definitely is kid-friendly. They have a huge atrium in back with plenty of space. It used to be the smoking section but I'd imagine it's now the perfect place to spread out with the kids.

      2. try route 66 on 9th ave near 56th street. it's got great juices and smoothies, as well as breakfast/brunch food, and is kid friendly

        1. Eatery? I would say it's family friendly and the brunch is good.