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Aug 28, 2006 05:37 PM

Taku on Smith St closes

didn't even last a year. wow.
so much for it's aurgued "destination" status.

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  1. This is horrible news. I'd only eaten at Taku twice but I had excellent meals both times, and I was looking forward to going again. The neighborhood really doesn't need another Italian place!

      1. Well, I thoroughly enjoyed the food at Taku, but always left feeling like I overpaid. I think they really were out of the neighborhood's league for a vaguely japanese high end bistro/noodle shop. I think their ramen was truly delicious, but not twice as good as say, minca. Everything on the menu was trumped up.

        1. It is definitely more of a Manhattan type joint. I will miss those wings . . .

          1. SO disappointed. Taku was my favorite new discovery this year.