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HELP !! just caught a big orange fish - how to cook ?

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Let me describe the fish. It's big with orange coloured skin and the fins on top has sharp serrated shape.

Anyone know what type of fish ?

Does it have delicate or firm flesh ?

Best way to cook ?

-I love steaming method HK style with the oily soy sauce on top and some green onion. Is this recommended ?


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  1. Cantonese food emphasizes the natural flavors. You can't go wrong with steaming. I suggest you heat up your steamer and put the plate in first. After the plate is warm, put the fish in with ginger and scallions. Right before you serve it heat up some oil and pour it directly on the fish. Add your soy sauce (they sell a special soy for steamed fish or just use regular light soy). Wala. Lets see how it tastes.

    1. Was it salt water or fresh water. How big is big?

      1. Sounds like a rock fish. Does it have a big wide ugly mouth, and is it sort of mottled in color?

        If it's a rock fish it has a fairly firm white flesh and is very tasty steamed with ginger and scallions, and finished as designerboy01 describes.

        You can add a pinch of sugar and a drizzle of sesame oil to the soy sauce to make it a little more special.

        And when he says heat up oil, he really does mean heat it up to boiling. It will sizzle and crackle when you pour it on the fish, so be careful!

        1. If it's a rockfish, be warned that the spines in the fin contain venom.

          1. Does it look like a big Goldfish? It could be an Orange Roughy:


            Where did you catch it?


            1. What does the venom do to human ?

              This sounds risky.

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                The rockfish is related to the Lionfish, but its venom is not nearly as dangerous. It would still be quite painful though, More info here (including pictures, click on the one on the linked page to see more:)


              2. After careful thought, I decided to fillet the large rock fish into 5x2x1/2" pieces and using the foil packet method, we baked it. For seasonings, we used lemon, salt, pepper, thyme and basil leaves. It was pretty good.

                We steamed the smaller fishes with the method above. But we forgot to discard the steaming liquid before pouring the hot oil and soysauce mixture. Should have read Pei's post as well ! It was decent but I think could have been a lot better.

                Oh well...

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                  Sorry left that part out. Sometimes if I want to kick it up, I put some pickled cucumber/ginger. This stuff is coming back. It used to be hard to find in chinese supermarkets. You can get this at Po Wing Hong on Elizabeth street between Canal and Hester. They got more old school stuff in that store.

                2. Could be a grouper. Isn't a rockfish what people call a striped bass around DC?