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Aug 28, 2006 05:27 PM

Chameau - Outstanding!

Went Saturday night with a group of Hounds, er SCARFers. What a fabulous meal!

Most of us started with duck bastilla. I was wary that the duck would be too rich (and greasy.) Mounds of coursely ground duck and almonds were topped with filo rounds. There were two to the plate. Very rich, not at all greasy. Someone ordered the chilled yellow & red tomato soup. It was lovely, mild and aromatic, perfect for the summer.

For a main I ordered the summer vegetable couscous with raisins and almonds. The couscous was less "grainy" than most, and had a buttery texture. It was amazingly good. I split my dish with a friend who ordered the grilled lamb chops with smoked eggplant and red pepper jus. The meat was cooked perfectly, I loved dipping the meat in the red pepper jus. We all passed our plates around to taste -- the merguez sausage was very good, but the other astounding dish was the grilled fillet of beef skewer with roasted garlic sauce. The beef was melt-in-your-mouth tender. Didn't get to taste everything at the table; the only disappointment was the boring beet salad.

Someone ordered the red Moroccan Sangria, which tasted of mulled spices and reminded me of winter. The White Moroccan Sangria was a favorite at the table, and is a perfect summer drink.

With tax and tip, $50. each. Everyone agreed they'd come back. I loved this place. It's a small room, so make a reservation.

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  1. Truly enjoy Chameau every time I go, and this post reminds me that I need to return yet again.
    Had the duck bastilla and virtually all the lamb dishes and they were all superb.
    The wine list is MUCH better than you should expect, btw, yet not great.
    If a group of 4-5, request a booth with your reservation, as they tend to provide a bit more privacy and yet allow you to see the entire dining room.
    How many were in your group?

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      There were ten of us, and the restaurant was filled to capacity on a Saturday night.

    2. Thanks for the info. It sounds as though the food is actually worth eating, as opposed to the mostly overcooked and near sludgy stuff you have to wade through at various belly-dancing Moroccan restaurants. I just checked out their website based on your report, and now...I must go there!

      1. we went there with a group of four about a month or so ago. it was during the middle of that heat wave, and the restaurant was kinda warm. there were only a couple of tables in there, even though it was sat nite at 8. i was wondering if the restaurant was doing very well.

        we had an amazing dinner. i cant remember the name of the dish i had, but i think it was the scallops tagine, that the server recommended. it was truly amazing. i thought about it all week long, and we all really had a great time.

        i hope this place is doing well. i used to go here when it was in silverlake many years ago, and i remember that it was only open three nites a week..