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Aug 28, 2006 05:27 PM

Chinatown roast duck ?

Does anyone have a favorite places in Chinatown for roast duck - the kind hanging in the window?

I've tried Big Wong and the place on Grand (the one with just the number - I can't remember the address) but haven't been impressed so far.

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  1. Big Wong is suppose to be the best. I also go to Golden Bridge or Kam Man on Canal between Mulberry and Mott. I've tasted much better roast duck in other cities, but I have never found one in NY. Its depressing...

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    1. re: designerboy01

      The Big Wong was a Chinatown classic, but has gone seriously downhill the past few years. One night, in my despondency, I came across the hilariously named New Big Wang (corner of Bayard and Elizabeth) and found that I recognized a few of the staff inside from my old Big Wong days. Turns out the owners sold the old shop and reopened - with the classic kitchen staff - in the new place. Hit it up - it's every bit as good as I remember for roast duck, char siu (ask for the fatty side), and wontons. They also have a killer special called "hundred flavor" duck or chicken - bird poached and marinated in a complex mix of sweet spices.

      1. re: Wallace Stevens

        Yes you are right. Someone did tell me that. I guess I still go to Big Wong based on habit.

        1. re: Wallace Stevens

          I heard that it's a common practice for Chinatown restaurant owners to flip their businesses amongst themselves every so often. I'm told it provides some sort of tax shield, whereby they keep reporting losses for a number of years and then sell the restaurant to someone who might run it for several years, accumulate losses, and then sell it back.

          As for roast duck, Noodletown is my choice.

      2. Go to NY Noodletown on Bowery. The duck has crispy skin and great flavor. The salt baked items are great too.

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        1. re: skeela

          Agreed. I like the roast duck at Noodletown.

          1. re: skeela

            The duck at New Big Wang is a tad better then at Noodletown.

            1. re: josh L

              I agree. Noodletown is my favorite hang over recovery clinics.

          2. 218 grand restaurant (at 218 grand street, naturally) does the best roast chicken and duck that i've found thus far in the chinatown take-out division. beautiful skin, flavorful meat, and very well-priced.

            1. NY Noodletown is great. But i prefer Deluxe food center on mott/elizabeth between hester and grand st. Takeout only

              1. I posted a separate thread about this but got no replies. I'm looking to buy a whole roast duck to take out. Should I go with Big Wong? Any other recommendations?