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Aug 28, 2006 05:25 PM

Chick-fil-A & Dwarf House - Let's talk tea - Is it a Southern thing?

I had a tip from a Georgia native that Chick-fil-A serves good Southern sweet tea? Any opinions?

Is there anything else worthwhile on the menu? In the link to the website below the hand-spun (whatever that means) milkshakes sound good. Are they?

In the Atlanta area Chick-fil-A has full service restaurants, Dwarf House. I hear the biscuits and gravy are good. Are the biscuits and gravy at Chick-fil-A the same as Dwarf House?

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  1. Chick-fil-A is likley my very favorite fast food chain. They do have really good freshly brewed sweet tea. In the south, that's really the standard when it comes to iced tea - sweet tea is the way to go. I personally love the nuggets and waffle fries at CFA too. Their sandwiches are good as well. And, the chicken biscuits served at breakfast ROCK! The service is always above par for fast food service.

    My mom has tried the shakes and says they are quite good. If you're having a party, the nugget trays are a great deal.

    Really, you can't go wrong at the CFA. In the south, they are a main stay. And, you have to respect a company that chosoes to close on Sundays over another chance for the almighty dollar.

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    1. re: DC Gal

      I'll vouch for their lemonade, too. Fresh squeezed, not from a mix. CFA is one of those chains that deserves credit for limiting themselves to a few things and doing them well. Problem is, I always seem to get CFA cravings on Sundays!

      1. re: DC Gal

        Yep... the founder wanted to ensure that every employee had a predictable day to be with their family, whether it was to go to church or not. His sons continue this position. They're good guys, with numerous positive charitable programs.

        1. re: FoodFuser

          Well, THIS is about the most hilarious thing I've read today...!

          The Cathy family are "good guys"...?!

          The money they give to anti-LGBT hate groups contradicts that notion. It would be like the Copelands taking Popeye's franchise money and giving it to Aryan Nation.

          And for the record: Popeye's sweet tea IS better than that at Chick-Fil-Hate.

          1. re: rjw_lgb_ca

            you do realize you're not only carrying on an argument that is now more than 7 years old and was written before the whole LGBT nastiness ever came to light...

            ...but with a guy who passed away about a year ago, and who absolutely, positively, WAS a good guy whose presence is still sorely missed on this board.

            1. re: sunshine842

              Thank you, sunshine. That post took me a little by surprise.
              Foodfuser is definitely missed here.

      2. Chicken is good at CFA. MUCH better than at KFC or Church's. Nuggets or a plain burger. Yum!


        1. LOVE sweet tea! It's been a few years since I've had Chick-Fil-A so I can't remember if it was especially good or not, but it probably was because I remember always ordering it.

          I just checked out their website and they have a location in Roseville and Fairfield. I wonder if those locations serve sweet tea...

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          1. re: Foodrat

            Let me know for sure, but I think they do serve sweet tea at all locations.

            I'll likely be enjoying some Chick fil A tomorrow at the NC State home opener in Raleigh! The beauty of southern football - you can even get a Chick fil A sandwich at the game. Chick fil A are huge sponosrs of the ACC and SEC.

            1. re: DC Gal

              Fairfield definately has the sweet tea, because that was the place that was recommended to me. Since it is on their corporate menu, I'm sure they all do.

          2. In Georgia, it's pronounced swee'tea (one word). And you know someone's truly from Georgia when they start tellin' you their mama's recipe for swee'tea. I order it half and half (half sweet, half unsweet).

            I have a notable intolerance for fast food, but have always survived CFA. I liked their chicken salad sandwiches for a light snack.

            The first CFA was in Hapeville, GA, just north of ATL Hartsfield airport, also home of Jeff Foxworthy, for what that's worth.

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              My DH went to HS with Jeff and his sister Jennifer. He even has the yearbook.

            2. Hey rworange, fancy meeting...

              I was at the Fairfield one today. If you haven't already been, they do indeed have sweet tea / swee'tea.

              The Chick Fil-A is in the Solano Mall, but it's a full-size restaurant, not a food court stall.