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Aug 28, 2006 05:18 PM

Best Breakfast in LA?

Hello. I'm looking for great breakfast spots anywhere in the LA area. Good food, atmosphere, and value. What would you recommend?

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  1. Cafe Verona on La Brea.
    Campanile (olive oil fried eggs) for a weekend splurge.

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    1. re: at4

      I will second Cafe Verona. They have a fairly limited breakfast menu, but the food is so so good. I love the pureed sweet potatoes instead of ordinary breakfast potatoes. And the service is excellent.

    2. I'm not must for atmosphere, but here are a few suggestions that definitely have it in for great food and pretty good value:

      The latest LA breakfast craze is Square One, on Fountain west of Vermont. They have great, innovative dishes, using fresh, local ingredients. Everything I've had there has been great: I especially like the baked egg dishes, gritz and anything with bacon or ham.

      I love the egg dishes and pastries at Backdoor Bakery in Silverlake and their hashbrowns may be the best in town. Not much seating room but a great little place.

      There's always dim sum in San Gabriel...NBC, Sea Harbor, 888, etc.

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      1. re: sku

        square one is great..phil the owner is most gracious...the breakfast quesadilla at backdoor is awesome (great grilled veggies)..and I also like breakfast burrito at mustard seed on hillhurst...again, nice grilled veggies..
        late night, pacific dining car downtown for steak and eggs, and blueberry pancakes!
        auntie em's eagle rock does a mean bagel with egg dish, vegetable pie and fresh salads with corn and various on weekdays (less crowded)


      2. If you can make it at least within half an hour after opening I recommend S&W country diner... 9748 Washington Blvd. I love their hearty breakfasts of corned beef hash, hash browns and eggs. Tons of other choices too. The only problem is, like most popular LA breakfast joints, once 11 am rolls around you're going to be standing outside for an hour.

        1. I agree about brunch Campanile (weekends only). It's very good. In addition, I really like (in no particular order)

          The Pacific Dining Car ( ) downtown. Excellent breakfasts in a great, old-time LA atmosphere. Went last weekend and had an absolutely wonderful sirloin steak and fried eggs with extra crispy hash browns and toasted English muffin. Superb. (And being open 24/7 is a nice touch.) A bit on the expensive side, but still, I think, a great value.

          Ammo (1155 North Highland Ave., (323) 871-2666). I've only been on weekends, and I'm not sure if they serve breakfast during the week. In any case, great baked items (scones, muffins) and good egg dishes. Also, they have a nice selection of teas and coffee drinks. A bit on the pricey side, but nice. (Also, not breakfast, but their brown rice with veggies and chicken is really good, in a macro-neurotic sort of way.


          The Original Pancake House (1418 E. Lincoln Ave., Anaheim, (714) 535-9815, ). I've only been to the Anaheim branch, and the other local stores have gotten less consistent reviews here. Also, it's a bit of a drive, but I love this place. Went for breakfast on Sunday, and shared their amazing apple pancake and a mushroom and cheese omelette. Also, their German pancakes and their corned beef hash and eggs are excellent. Great food, friendly service, and an overall great value. It gets crowded on weekends, but the turn over is pretty high so the wait isn't usually too long. (Or, get there before 8:30 or so and walk right in.)

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          1. re: David Kahn

            The Jury is still out for me on Pacific Dining Car. And, let me tell you that I gave this place a shot. I live so close to the SM location. And, it's one of the few 24 hr restaurants close by that I visit when I'm jonesing for pancakes at 3 AM. While it's better than Izzy's Deli (and not by much), the breakfast items really fall short: the pancake batter is salty; I've seen better eggs benedict just about anyplace else; and the bread they use is just terrible. Oh, and not to mention, the downtown location got a "B" from the Department of Health.

            I much prefer places like TallyRand in Burbank for their perfect pancakes, Shutters (of course), Doughboys, The Gridle on Sunset, and IHOP (I know, I know).

            1. re: Frank_Santa_Monica

              I like Tallyrand and in particular, their chicken club sandwiches, a lot. Tallyrand breakfasts tend to be a bit heavy on the butter/sour cream/cheese for me; they're good, but calorically dense. Also, in a pinch, I will grab breakfast at an IHOP. That said, while I've not tried the Santa Monica PDC, I have yet to have a breakfast at IHOP (or the Griddle, for that matter) that I thought was anywhere near as good as the downtown PDC. I guess that's what makes markets, though; different strokes for different folks.

              1. re: Frank_Santa_Monica

                I absolutely agree re PDC in Santa Monica. It's dreadful. I've been twice in the past few months and they keep getting it wrong. On one of these visits I ordered an omelet. When it was brought to the table, the cheese inside wasn't warm enough to have melted. On the other visit I had to send my poached eggs back to the kitchen three times because they kept coming to the table hard-boiled.

                  1. re: therealbigtasty

                    I like to think of "B" ratings as standing for "Better."

                  2. re: Frank_Santa_Monica

                    although the food is excellent, i don't think shutters qualifies for consideration when you're looking for 'value.'

                    1. re: Frank_Santa_Monica

                      re: your opinion of Pacific Dining Car

                      if you had consumed a couple of their bloody marys before trying the food, you would have liked the food more. . . . .

                    2. re: David Kahn

                      I had breakfast at Pacific Dining car this past Sunday as well. We had EB and the other breakfast combo plate. The Hollandaise sauce was very creamy and rich. The sausage, pancake...everything is excellent. Very traditional, very pricey ($16+), but quite an experience~

                      1. re: David Kahn

                        OPH is great, and the Anaheim location is a charming old building, but all the Orange County branches have lousy coffee for some reason. A new branch is supposed to open at 3322 E. Chapman Ave. in Orange later this year, and OPH central has informed me they expect them to use real "OPH coffee." By the way, they're famous for their apple and German pancakes, but don't overlook the Swedish and pecan pancakes and the 49'er Flap Jacks.

                        I've been eating breakfast at the PDC (both locations) for more than 25 years, and IMHO the only thing to order is the breakfast filet and eggs. The meat is excellent, the potatoes are excellent, and the coffee can be good, but get them to make a fresh pot if you arrive in the wee hours.

                        1. re: David Kahn

                          The Pacific Dining Car is my Fav. breakfast spot in LA. The Tam O'Shanter has a very good sunday brunch...old fashioned, solid cooking, good drinks

                        2. For something out of the ordinary... try Guelaguetza for breakfast. Oaxacan food.

                          3337 1/2 W. 8th St.
                          Los Angeles, 90005

                          I've only been to the Koreatown one, but the breakfasts are great and very inexpensive.