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Aug 28, 2006 05:00 PM

Anything decent in Westhampton?

Have been out a couple of times this summer and nothing looks all that interesting on Main St. Is there any good chow in the area or on Dune Rd.? Kind of looking for food with a bar to drink at after a meal. Thanks.

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  1. Try Star Boggs on Library Road. They have a great menu and not overpriced for the neighborhood plus they have a great outdoor bar with live music. Try the nut crusted flounder with banana, sweet potato and buerre blanc sauce and Star is famous for his crab cake. Also, has the best iced cappucino I have ever had.

    Or Anonna on Airport Road above Manhattan Motorworks for fabulous upscale italian. Very authentic. They also have a good bar. Try the zucchini blossoms and any of their pastas. Don't know if they still offer it, but Sundays they do a family style dinner for $28 pp....antipasto, pasta, meat and dessert. It's a steal considering the prices on the ala carte menu are steep.

    On Dune Road you might try Passion Fish. Haven't been and have heard mixed reviews, but it's on the ocean.

    I have been to Docker's on Dune Road a few times for an early Sunday dinner. $26 lobster bake b/f 6pm. It's average, but the view is great and the live music is even better. No reservations.

    Both Dockers and Passion Fish have good bars as well.
    Good luck.

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      Thanks for the info on Annona, I've wanted to try since they opened but the price was a little offsetting. Would love to try with a prix fixe like Sunday. If as great as I've heard, then maybe a special occaision dinner is in order.

      1. re: coll

        Yes, the sunday prix fixe was really good. The night we went we were served a variety of cured meats, grilled veggies, marinated beans and cheeses...then linguini with vongole.....then veal milanese and a bunch of different desserts amd cookies....all served family style. It really is the best deal in town and the owner and his staff are super friendly.