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Aug 28, 2006 04:59 PM


I had forgotton how much I enjoyed the whole Morrocon food experience, but my experience saturday night was above all expectations. First of all I only have been to large places. Tagine located at 132 N. Robertson was a 30 seat place with perfect date atmosphere. We were informed that they only serve a tasting menu. What followed were many small plates of salads ,lamb and seafood. I could have any dish I ordered as a full entree. The personable chef came out and wanted to make sure we were satisfied. I cannot reccomend this experience more highly. I am ready to repeat the experience. Places like this deserve to be supported.

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    1. re: westsidegal

      With a few glasses of wine and one corkage fee it was $125 for two including tax and tip. I thought it waswell worth it as said there wer about ten small plates of fabulous creative quality.

    2. Tried it, loved it, agree!

      1. I agree as well. The SO and I had the prix fixe menu with the grilled meats (note: everyone in the party MUST have the same prix fixe menu, so if one person is vegetarian and the other isn't, you're both having vegetarian), and we enjoyed the food. The courses are pretty small, but we both had difficulty finishing our food. I know the bill was under $100, including tax and tip.

        Now, if only someone could go to Chameau at it's newer location and compare the two...

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        1. re: PseudoNerd

          I've been to the Chameau located near CBS & the Farmer's that it's "newer location"?

          If so, I've also been to Tagine recently & the two places are not really comparable (at least in my mind).

          Tagine is understated & quitely elegant (you would want to take your parents to introduce them to unusual ethnic dining) where Chameau is trendy/modern (you would want to go with a date to "see and be seen").

          The food is excellent at both restaurants. I really enjoyed the tasting menu at Tagine & would like to go back for a regularly sized entree meal there. Chameau is "Cal-Moroccan" & does not do fixed menus - everything is a la carte.

          I would recommend both places, but there is definitely a distictive taste & ambiance to each place.

          1. re: socalqtpi

            Funny, your description of Chameau as trendy/modern. Definitely not old-worldly, definitely not sedate, yet...
            The food is, however, well described, and delicious. Have eaten there about 4-5 times, and would always return.
            Need to get to Tagine, probably weeknights, as maybe then I can do a regular menu order, not tasting menu.

            1. re: carter

              OK, maybe you're right that Chameau shouldn't be described as "trendy/modern" - I couldn't think of another way of saying that I felt like I was in a "time warp".

              The lighting is either blue (in the entry way) or red (in the dining area) & there are 60's style seats along one wall. Also looking at the ceiling, I felt like I was on the inside of a paper shredder (there were long, black strands going every which way).

              I felt that it was "trendy" (the "pretty people" get the best tables). However, I really enjoyed both restaurants & recommend them for different reasons.

              1. re: socalqtpi

                Those long, black strands in the ceiling are intended to represent the eyelashes of the eponymous camel.

            2. re: socalqtpi

              The Chameau you visited is definitely the newer location. Other than the menu options and ambiance-- that is, based strictly on the food, which do you prefer? I'd go by myself or with a friend (or two) or the SO.

              I've been craving Moroccan, but wouldn't mind a more "Cal-_" experience. As long as the b'stilla is good, anything goes.

              1. re: PseudoNerd

                Based solely on food...I would recommend you try Chameau over Tagine. Chameau changes their menu depending on the season & they definitely work magic in the kitchen with different (almost non-standard) ingredients. There were 3 of us that night & we all really enjoyed the food.

          2. I love Morrocan food BUT I hate eating from a communal plate with my hands! Does Tagine serve silverware with dinner? I've eaten at Chameau, and enjoyed it very much. How's Tagine's b'stilla?

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            1. re: howard81

              I only ate at Tagine on a Friday when they serve their tasting menu...but we were each given our own plates & utensils, so I would assume that would be the same during the week day as well.

              The b'stilla portion was small, but very tasty. I think they used squab or cornish game hen for the meat. There was not much egg, but the top had a lovely dusting of cinnamon & powdered sugar on top.