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Aug 28, 2006 04:53 PM

Charlotte-Possible Relocation Trip

Hello Chowhounders!

My fiancee are most likely relocating to Charlotte. We are going to head out this weekend to see the city and decide if it is somewhere we can live. I was hoping for some recommendations on places to eat, maybe have a cocktail. For the cocktail portion of the evening, we'll do anything from a nice glass of wine & a cheese plate to a beer at a dive bar. For the eats, since this is so spur of the moment, we will be most likley looking for cheap eats on this trip...but also let us know if there are some great restaurants in town that we can try for next time!

I appreciate all of your help!

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  1. These days when I head back to Charlotte I always try to get to Lang Van. The food is delicious, and the lady running the place always takes great care of us. Although I have not had anything there I did not like, the quail app is something I have on every trip.

    For the size of the city Charlotte seems to have less people posting to this board than I expect, but you should search for some older posts.

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      I don't know where you will be staying in Charlotte, but if you're anywhere near downtown, try Mert's Heart and Soul, on College St. You will get a good southern meat and two plate at a very reasonably price. You also might want to try the Coffee Cup, on E. Clarkson St.

    2. Where you're staying would make a difference in where to steer you. But for a list with variety, consider dinner or brunch at Lulu on Central, maybe a stop by the Penguin for lunch in the Plaza-Midwood area, then have a casual dinner at Cabo Fish Taco in NoDa. For cocktails with apps, you could do Upstream or the Dean & Deluca wine bar at Phillips Place. If you wanted to stick to uptown, consider drinks or dinner or both at Blue, or drinks and apps at Cosmos Cafe. For a more casual lunch or dinner, try Mert's Heart & Soul.

      1. Lang Van and The Penguin are two of my favorites when I head back to my hometown. Kathleen Purvis summed it up well, so here's my two cents on cheap eats. For a southern breakfast try John's Country Kitchen on Central around the corner from The Penguin. The Comet on Park Rd. has some of the best bar food around. If you want sushi, try Rusan's down the street. If it's a greasy cheeseburger you want head north to Brooks Sandwich House, or to Mr. K's in South End.

        1. How could I forget Price's Chicken Coop in South End!? Take out only, try the 1/4 white box with an iced tea (sweet, of course)..

          1. Thanks, but I'd make two addendums to MBG. Comet is good bar food, but the cigarette smoke gives some people problems. And for sushi, I'd pick Nikko on South Boulevard.

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              I agree with the Nikko recommendation.