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Blue Hill - Stone Barns Brunch [Moved from the Manhattan Board]

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I was lucky enough to get up to Blue Hill Stone Barns yesterday for their brunch. My girlfriend had taken me to Blue Hill in the city for my birthday and we both loved it - so we were very excited to come to the source of all the goodness that is Blue Hill.

The area itself is stunning - along the road leading to the restaurant you can see the greenhouses and fenced in plots of land where the livestock roam (chickens and sheep, and a barking sheepdog, when we were there). The building itself is magnificent and houses not only the restaurant but also what looks like an educational center, a gift shop and an information center among other things (guided tours of the grounds are given to restaurant patrons and non-patrons alike).

Our party of four couldn't help but smile as we entered the dining room - the space was that inviting and good looking (the smiles didn't leave our faces until we had to leave). The brunch menu itself is simple - a three course prix fixe ($42) with four options per course. Since we were a party of four we decided to order one of each, sans meatloaf. It was all deliciously simple and well prepared food. Nothing heavy here to interfere with the heirloom tomatoes, baby greens or the perfectly cooked chicken. For my entree I chose the panzanella which came with 3 different types of heirloom tomatoes, green and purple basil and a beautifully done tuna (cooked sous vide). The other main courses were a cavatelli with the same heirloom tomatoes and the stone barns chicken which also might have been cooked sous vide as it was unbelievably tender and juicy. (Note: some people may find this chicken to be undercooked as it was a little pink, but it was perfect in my opinion) Of the three mains we were served I'd go with the tuna or the chicken.

The first course choices included a corn soup which I had, a charcuterie plate, a mixed bean salad and a green salad served with a soft-boiled then fried egg. The greens in the two salads were tender as could be and the soft boiled then fried egg was a great addition although it came out a bit overdone for my taste as I like the yolk to run. The corn soup was great as was the charcuterie plate, a nice mix of spicy and sweet meats and a nice liver terrine - a toss up between the soup and the charcuterie.

For dessert we chose two of the three options, the warm chocolate bread pudding and a berry dessert. Do yourself a favor and go for the chocolate.

I can't say enough about this place or the experience.

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  1. I was there yesterday as well. Agree with all you've said but you certainly missd out on the meatloaf .. As I mentioned in another post, I've never had meatloaf that melted in my mouth. I wish our server had mentioned that the tuna was cooked sous vide - she didn't mention it even though we asked how it was cooked.
    Our party sampled all desserts and we agree with doing yourself a favor and going for the chocolate - and that is from non-chocoholics.

    Try it for dinner ... far and away better than the lunch (if you can believe that)!