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Aug 28, 2006 04:06 PM

Going to Lee on king st w

Going to Lee this weekend for are Anniversary is there anything specal to order on the menu that should be order????

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  1. Every time I go, I order the black cod (it just melts in your mouth) and the expresso pave for dessert (if you're a chocolate fan). Enjoy!

    1. The only thing I remember is the duck confit. It's a small dish, with the duck wrapped and topped with cheese and pineapple. Amazing to think about.

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      1. re: artificialard

        Second the duck confit.
        And I also like their fries!
        Always order those two dishes.

      2. Go with the tasting menu or Chefs choice...they'll help you select # of dishes...Miranda

        1. The lamb chops with mint are great, especially with the little bit of heat on the salsa topping. I've enjoyed them both times I've been to Lee.

          I agree with the black cod. The Singapore slaw is nice to share for two. The matchstick potato is a dish we ordered out of curiosity, and it was worth it just for the presentation, but I thought it was a bit much for just 2 people. Maybe your fried quota is higher than mine though.

          1. I agree! The lamb chops were are my fav! Didn't care much for the satay IMHO.