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Aug 28, 2006 03:59 PM

Vibrato in Bel Air -- feedback please: quality of food, prices?

Has anyone had recent dining experience at Vibrato? If so, please share impressions of the food and also the cost.

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  1. Well, it is operated by the Smith Brothers in Pasadena, also operators of the Parkway Grill and its neighbor Arroyo Chop House, which are both wonderful operations, with the former celebrating well over 20 years in business.
    Vibrato is more akin to the chop house food wise, however, yet also has a jazz stage setting, with a second floor(don't sit there unless you want to feel a bit isolated), a nice bar, and a warm comfortable feel.
    The food (see menu in link) is well prepared, not cheap, and the wine list is quite good, yet again, not cheap.
    Allocate at least $75 a person for food and booze. There is seldom to never a cover charge for the music, which starts around 9p.m., even though a combo typically plays background music from around 7-9p.m., yet not every night.

    Truly superb setting for its owner, Herb Alpert, with the Smith Bros. running the place for him. And yes, he has been known to show up on stage.

    1. I've been there twice ... good food, service and the atmosphere is terrific! Very cozy and warm, and the jazz background is just right ... the music is never intrusive, it just adds nicely to a great atmosphere.

      1. I've been there a few times, food always good, but yes, expensive. If it's busy it can get loud, so we request a table upstairs, and in particular, there's a little corner spot that's almost like having your own private v.i.p. room and you're perched over the stage (feels like being in the side balacony of a theatre).
        And when I had my heart set on a veal chop for dinner (even though they didn't have it on the menu) the waiter talked to the chef, and they prepared one special, just for me. That's a good restaurant! It was excellent.

        1. Been there several times. Food is good, room is beautiful, the music is great. Overall a great experience. Different and romantic.