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Aug 28, 2006 03:27 PM

Sripraphai: bad food

I have been eating here at least once a week for a very long time. I was out of town for last few months, had my first meal this weekend. Ick. I mean it wasnt that the food was of a bit, it was downright bad. I had a catfish salad, drunken noodles, and a yellow curry. The drunken noodles had zero flavor. Just a tangle of flavorless noodles swimming in some grease. It was shocking. Has Sripraphai jumped the shark?
I have been faithful to this place for so long I hope this was just an error. Anyone else?

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  1. What time of day were you there? Was it crowded? I tend to avoid the really crowded times, since you never know if you'll get the B-cooks making the food during those times. All my bad Sripraphai experiences were on crowded weekends. Now I only go for lunch or weeknight dinners, and it's been pretty much the same high quality stuff.

    1. It was mid afternoon on sunday. NOt all that crowded. It was all bad, not just drunken noodles. I tend to try to dodge the crowded times.

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        Not sure what to tell you, except that I've also experienced consistency problems there at times as well. Probably not as extreme as your's was. But even after those dips in quality, they seem to be back in form on the next visit. It seems to depend on who cooks the food.

      2. I was there this past sunday for lunch. We had the watercress salad, crispy pork with chili and basil, and green curry with chicken. I loved every minute of it.

        1. I spend a lot of time in Thailand so I don't really want to go to Sripraphai too often but my friends are always asking to go so occasionally I oblige. On my first visit this year the food was no where near what I had remembered it to be and didn't want to go back, but I' have been back 4 times in the last 4 months and had some of my best meals there ever. Drunken noodles (with beef only) is one of my favorite dishes, as well as the sauteed pork leg with chili and basil.
          I try to only go early on Monday and Tuesday nights, but I'm not sure that matters.

          1. I certainly hope the bad meal was an anomaly. Yet I get the sneaking feeling that despite still having pretty great food there is a greater risk of bad food. Such is success. I am glad for the owners though....