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Aug 28, 2006 03:23 PM

T&T in Mississauga Now Open

Located at Central Parkway and Mavis(just s. of Burnhamthorpe), T&T's westend outpost is now open. Seems about 2/3s the size of the monster eastend stores but still full of goodies and OK take-out foods. It joins Yuan Ming and H&H markets and puts three large Chinese/E.Asian food stores within a mile of each other in Mississauga.

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  1. Oh man my sister tried going the first couple of days and said it was a complete madhouse there -- massive gridlock in the parking lot with cars spilling out onto the streets, and then if you get inside everyone has carts and you absolutely cannot move... all the aisles just rammed up and down. In other words, par for the course of a T&T opening.

    1. Access is really bad at this location. Every cheapskate/gawker in Miss. was supposedly there. I went this a.m. when things were calmer. Nice store but smaller scaled than the eastend monster locations. Funny but I still prefer H&H--maybe it's just easier to get at. I'm predicting that Yuan Ming up the street will fold like Big Land did.

      1. 'cheapskate'?
        It must have been late in the day. I've been to a couple of the T&T stores (Warden & Steeles, and the larger one in Scarborough) and pricewise, their produce and staples are usually higher than several of the smaller chinese supermarkets dotted all over the area. The only time when things are relatively cheap is in the evening when they try to sell the remaining hot/cold foods made that day: dim sum, sushi, noodles, etc.

        But I will agree on the how incredibly busy the stores can become. I recently went to the one on Warden, near Metro Square, and was surprised by the number of people streaming into the place. It was like Christmas in July, and not because of the weather. I kept wondering if there was some special occasion going on, a holiday, a blowout sale, some anniversary, something?

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          It's just like that. All the time. It used to be busier, even.

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              Don't know if it considers Scarborough, but the closest match should be on Steeles and Middlefield.

              1. re: kaka

                Yup. I was talking about the Miliken Store (5661 Steeles Avenue East). Technically, since it's on the south side of the Steeles, it is in Scarborough. I've only been inside that one and the one on Warden. Beside this latest one in Mississauga, the only other one I know of is the one in the Promenade Mall.

                I'm not sure if there is an H&H in the east end, though.

          1. My only point was that the 'opening specials' and doorcrashers drew bargain hunters like a dead cat draws flies. Things should calm down over the next week or so. Nice to have another food source in the west end.

            1. I think people in Mississauga have been too hungry for a high-end Asian supermarket like T&T. Unlike any typical Asian supermarkets, T&T is clean and tidy, plus it offers many types of trendy Japanese/Taiwanese food snacks and even hard-to-find groceries. Younger crowds are drawn to it as a cool hangout place too.

              I especially like its food court ~ it serves cheap but tasty dim sum, rice and congee ~ always great for a quick lunch!