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Aug 28, 2006 03:00 PM

takoyaki at ebisu

If you ever find yourself in the Fountain Valley area --head over to Ebisu for the Takoyaki. Perhaps the best version of the dish I have had so far. They make it fresh as you order it, given that they warn you that it will take 15+ minutes to prepare.

At around $5, it is very reasonable for the quality and portion. They do not skimp on the Tako either, which is a nice change of pace. When you bite in to a piece, the steam escapes and the texture is wonderfully soft in contrast to the crisp exterior. The batter is excellent too, slightly smokey and sweet from the dashi broth.

Fellow diner had an incredible anko (red bean) ice cream-shaved ice, which looked like a scene out of the dotch cooking show. The Rev. of the Orange County Buddhist Temple next to us, had a Hiyashi Chuka, that also looked very good.

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  1. OOooooOOooo~ takoyaki!

    Isn't the popular Japanese chain Gindako going to coming to LA soon? IMO, the best takoyaki contain a hot oozing batter held up by a crispy-thick that how Ebisu takoyaki are like?

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    1. There is now an Ebisu in LT... it rocks... we love it... their takoyaki is much better than Kobe Ramen's, but it isn't quite the traditional type that is made in the vibrating grill machine. I had that when I was in OSaka and it was amazing.

      1. I recently tried the Takoyaki balls at Crepes in da Grip in Alhambra (Valley/Garfield). Although it is a Chinese place, the takoyaki balls were delicious!

        1. Ate there for lunch today... I really love this place! Suamina Natto, which I found out today is just a typo for Stamina Natto, is great, but I think it needs to come with a spoon!

          1. Ack!! Now I'm craving Takoyaki!! I almost ordered some in boston, but I thought that might have been a bad idea... but anyone know of a place on the Westside/South Bay who has it nice and fresh?