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Aug 28, 2006 02:35 PM

Food Maestro

I think it was to open on Friday and was curious if anyone tried it.

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  1. I keep walking by at the wrong times...has anyone tried this place yet?

    1. I may take one for the team and try it for lunch today. Stay tuned.

      Peter in the Heights

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      1. re: Peter

        I love the sense of dread associated with the dreary corner of Henry and Cranberry: The combination of very bad history coupled with a scaffolding that seems to never go away. Are the three separate shops (Blue Pig, Food Maestro, and the other place) being managed by the same team? Are they the guys who ran Tintos and Che Henry into the ground?

        1. re: driggs

          hey be careful you don't get hit with debris walking by that place. like water, or sand, or little pebbles.
          the food is not bad, actually it's gr8 food, i was there on monday when the waiter quit, he called his boss "the dragon lady" she is apparently a witch, so i guess that sense of dread will live on forever. and yes the same people own all three spots. too bad that waiter quit before bringing us our food, he was rather good and good looking

      2. I took a look inside the other night as I was walking back with a slice from Fascati. The ever-present scaffolding really doesn't help things. When I looked in, there were 3 people in the place so I glanced at the menu.

        It didn't have too many items on there with a couple of basics like salmon and a roasted chicken breast. If I don't see a review soon, I might just have to head over for dinner one night assuming I can convince my wife to not eat at Noodle Pudding which is oh so close by.

        1. We walked by on our way to HENRY'S END where we had an excellent dinner.

          The place was empty.

          1. I couldn't bring myself to eat there today. The rain kept me closer to home.

            Maybe Friday. Until then, hats off to any brave takers.

            or maybe we should organize a Brooklyn Heights Chowhound gathering there?

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            1. re: Peter

              A wake perhaps? I honestly hope the place works, but dont hold out much hope.

              1. re: Peter

                Yeah right. Unless you or some other trusted soul goes and tells us how great it is, a Bklyn Hts. CH gathering there is out of the question, at least for us. It's the same owner as the previous places (after the original Tinto owners sold) and the Clark St location (where the Bagel Lady was originally... what ever happened to Myrna anyway?), as well as several other "grand opening...soon to close" places.