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Aug 28, 2006 01:29 PM

Kate's Seafood, Brewster

We went to Kate's Seafood on Route 6A in Brewster for some ice cream over the weekend. I had heard a lot about the place from locals, who swear by their ice cream. Well, the ice cream was excellent (the lighthouse mint and heavenly hash were both very tasty), but the food I saw people ordering looked really, really good!

Can anyone suggest any favorite meals at Kate's? I'm hoping to get down there in the fall again.

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  1. I hear the onion rings are fab. I usually go to Capt. Frostys...

    1. My husband and I stopped in there in early August by accident. We each ordered the clam chowder and shared an order of clam fritters. Both were excellent. So many clams in both and extremely filling. We had to take some of the fritters with us when we left. I would have loved to try some ice cream but we couldn't eat anymore!

      1. I've never had a bad fried food-fix at Kates. The clams are better than many other places and the onion rings are quite tasty, too. I'll have to try the clam fritters next as the only others I've ever had are the tastless clam-deprived ones that come standard with every overpriced, undernourished plate at Captain Frosty's down the road.

        1. Ate at Kates today...clam chowder and lobster bisque were both excellent, as were the fried scallops. The lobster roll gets a C rating...lots of meat but not much flavor. Plus on a boring cold hot dog roll. Clam strip roll was overflowing and pretty good as well, but if I ordered again I'd definitely go for the scallops! The onion rings are a MUST - thin and lightly battered.