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Aug 28, 2006 01:22 PM

Nauvoo Grill Fair Haven, NJ..delicious!!!!!

We went here on Sat. night and had such a great meal!! I had the homemade lobster ravioli (which I never order bacause I know it almosy always is the frozen kind they buy from a vendor, but this was NOT,,,it had chunks of lobster oozing out!!) mu husband had a porterhouse steak that was so large, it came with veggies and a hash browned potatoe, our friends had the hanger steak with mashed that was in a demi glaze, and homemade cavetelli pasta with sweet sausage and brocolli rabe. The food was great. Everyone really enjoyed their meals.

Our appetizers were a cold seafood platter, very good..and an order of fried calamari, that was just ok. My fiend ordered it...nothing special about it. I never order it unless I know it will be amazing. I really like it at Milos in NYC.

If you have not been to Nauvoo, it is definately worth a trip!

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  1. I had dinner once at Nauvoo, but it dates back to the spring of '04. The surroundings were very attractive, and the seating in the main dining room was really comfortable. Unfortunately, the cuisine left something to be desired, my main course veal being particularly disappointing in terms of quality, preparation and taste. At the time I remember thinking, "Too bad!" because I really liked the ambiance. Comments about Nauvoo on other food boards have mirrored my experience though they are not recent. Obviously, Angelina felt the food was excellent, so it's possible there might have been a change in kitchen personnel.


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      I am sorry to say that my experience at Nauvoo mirrors RGR's. While not a recent meal (because I would not go back), my one dinner there was unpleasant. It was rather like a wedding reception, with mediocre food at best and tattered service. On the other hand, a friend having lunch there this past week reported it adequate.

    2. I had dinner at Nauvoo last night - the menu offered a nice variety and the atmosphere was pleasant; however, the service and food left much to be desired. I ordered a salad with grilled chicken (well-done)- simple enough I thought. At first, our meals were delivered to our table and I only got a salad. When I inquired about the grilled chicken the waitress took the salad back to the kitchen. She then returned with a salad with spicy, blackened chicken. Apparantly, the chef and waitstaff interpreted well-done as spicy, blackened. How does staff of a restaurant that wants to be of high calibar confuse these two terms? So, instead of bringing me what I ordered they charged me $7.00 for a salad took $4.50 off the bill for the grilled chicken. I left hungry. If the staff would improve their service (e.g. - ask questions if they are unsure of what someone ordered; bring customers the meal that was ordered) then Nauvoo may have potential for being a good restaurant.

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        I'm not sure why you felt you had to specify that your chicken be cooked well-done since chicken should never be anything but cooked all the way through. Of course, that doesn't excuse them from serving it to you blackened, which sounds more like burnt to me.

        If you read my previous post, you can see I'm not a fan of Nauvoo and, while I respect Angelina's opinion of the meal she had there, your experience offers no incentive for me to try it again.

      2. Ordering meat with a preference for how it is cooked is common practice. Rare, medium, well-done - you get the picture. At a restaurant such as Nauvoo this shouldn't be a problem.

        I was impressed that they had turkey burgers on the menu. You can't find those at many restaurants in Monmouth County (pls. let me know if anyone has any suggestions). However, I won't be ordering one at Nauvoo because I enjoy mine well-done, so I'm not sure what that would mean to them - maybe served with duck sauce?

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          I think it's you who doesn't "get the picture." With all due respect, when it comes to chicken, there is no such thing as ordering one's preference. Nobody in their right mind eats rare, medium rare, or medium chicken. In fact, I've never even heard of ordering it that way. Chicken is *always* cooked *completely through*, i.e., "well-done," in order to prevent possible food poisoning from salmonella and campylobacter. Restaurant kitchens are very much aware of this and don't have to be instructed by the diner regarding the doneness level. Btw, the same goes for turkey.

          Now, if you're talking about duck and some other birds, like squab and pheasant, that's an entirely different matter. For example, duck breast (magret) can be cooked rare or medium rare without any harmful effects. In fact, they are the preferred levels because the breast gets dried out if it is well done.

        2. Three things:

          1) I have been to Nauvoo Grill three times because it is close to my in-laws and have never had a decent meal there.

          2) Chicken, when cooked even a bit less than fully, makes for a painful evening at best.

          3) As a fairly frequent poster here and on the Manhattan board, I am constantly amazed by the broad range of food-related knowledge exhibited in every post by RGR.

          I forget the post and where, but I just read one where RGR described the laws of kashrut ( I am a non practicing jew ) and many, many posts complete with website listings about all kinds of restaurants. *apple polishing mode off*

          Feel free to flame me.

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          1. re: seal

            Flame you? Are you kidding? And I love you, too, seal! lol

            That post about kashruth to which you are referring is on the Manhattan board and was in response to one of many questions from a lacto-ovo-vegetarian in Ireland (Isn't the internet grand?!) who will be visiting NYC. She's trying to come up with restaurants suitable not only for her but also for her DH who is a serious carnivore. I love that kind of challenge.

          2. I only eat there once as posted above. When I am in the area, I really only like to go to Le Fandy. My one meal at Nauvoo Grill was good, but like I said it was a one time deal.

            Needless to say, I respect everyones opinion on the place and I value all your input!