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Aug 28, 2006 01:10 PM

Back to Nature on the Jersey Shore

This Brooklyn based dairy/veggie/pasta/fish restaurant opened on the Jersey Shore in Allenhurst.

Recently we were there on a Sunday, the service was the worst I've ever had. The food was absolutely delicious. There were four of us and each agreed the food was great.

They also lopped on to the check a fee for waitress service, but since the service was virtually non existent, I insisted they remove the fee which they did, and that was the first time in my life I left No gratuity.

The place is not cheap, but getting past the service, you'll really enjoy the meal.

Back to Nature is at 312 Main Street, Allenhurst NJ (732) 663-2910
(located between Deal & Asbury Park)

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  1. My experience: poor service, overpriced entrees and ok food.

    1. We were just there last night and everything was excellent including the service. We had hummus and the middle eastern platter as appetizers and then Penne Vodka and the Teriaki Salmon, all unbelieveably delicious and quite reasonable. Family of 5 for $105 with each their own entre! The ambience isn't great, but who cares as long as the food was soo good. Enjoy!

      1. Ate lunch there with my wife on 1/7/2007. Service was good, food was excellant. We both had different salads. We both agreed they were the best salads we have had in a long time. Used three different home made dressings, one better than the next. Menu was diverse, and in looking at other meals coming out of the kitchen, we are excited about trying other items. Decor was very simple, but it was like a fashion show of beautiful women, clothes and accessories. Many families were there, which was nice to see and also to see young children eating healthy.

        Great experience, will be back often!

        1. Just wondering... How far a drive is it from Atlantic City to this restaurant, and to the restaurants in Deal?

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            Atlantic City to Deal is maybe about 60-75 minutes. This restaurant to Deal is a few blocks.

          2. Actually, closer to AC is Shari's Steak House in the Clarion hotel on Blackhorse turnpike. Best steak house I've ever been to.

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                I'm sorry, but I've been to Shari's once and it was absolutely awful. I ordered the prime rib medium rare and got a cold slab of overcooked meat smothered in instant gravy with a side of frozen french fries.