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Enoteca Sogno review-Richmond, VA

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Friday night, I had dinner at Enoteca Sogno for the first time. It was Mr. Janet and another couple. First of all, we are big fans of Edo's Squid, where the owner used to work and the menu defintely had that Edo's/Mamma Zu feel to it.

It's next door to Cabo's on Broad Street and parking isn't too much of a nightmare because of Pleasant's Hardware across the street.

We had reservations and had to make some last minute adjustments and they were very gracious and accomodating.

The atmosphere is nice. And we were seated promptly. The men picked out the wine...mostly Italian and other European offerings. I had the Gavi de Gavi which was good. The men had a red they were pleased with. Appetizers were the caprese salad with red and yellow tomatoes and white beans and arugula (similar to Edo's). Bread was very good as was the olive oil provided for dipping (we bought a bottle of the olive oil for $8). I had veal piccata. It was very good but the portion was about half (and about $4 more) than at Edo's. Hubby had gnocchi with Bolognese sauce which he deemed "okay". Our friends each had a pasta and seafood dish of some sort and both gave it a thumbs up. Our waitress was very good.

While the food is one step off of Edo's and Mamma Zu's, it is still very good and the service was great and it's more user friendly. I recommend it.

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  1. Thanks for posting the review, Janet. We haven't been yet, but have wanted to. Think we'll try that soon! We had dinner at Acacia the other day and I want to post my review. It was wonderful - our first visit!

    1. I am in complete agreement with Janet -- the food is a notch less impressive than Mamma Zu and the service clearly better. Of course, the surly service is a part of the Zu charm, no?

      I look forward to the review of Acacia.

      1. Agree...we found ourselves much more impressed with the appetizers than the entrees...which that night were also the white bean salad and tuna croquettes. I've often wanted to go back just for wine and apps

        1. No one has mentioned the outstanding [if select] Italian wine list at all price points and the very gentle mark ups. Without a doubt the best wine quality/price ratio in the city. The extortionary mark up at most restaurants is a barrier to eating out more for those of us in love with wine [we can afford to drink better at homw]. I am a huge MammaZu fan but Enoteca offers a very differnt vibe, excellent food and great wine bargains.

          1. Thanks for those thoughts on Enoteca Sogno. It's definitely on our list of restaurants to try. Sounds like I'd be happy just with the wine selections! Doing apps and wine sounds like a great idea! The last time we went to Mamma Zu we had 4 appetizers and 2 entrees shared between the four of us. Wonderful!

            And I just don't get the comments about the service at Mamma Zu. I've never encountered a rude or surly waiter in 20 or so times I've been there. Guess I'm lucky! Then again at this point I'd still eat there if they made me fetch my dish from the kitchen when the order was up.

            1. The early service at MammaZu did treat those [especially those not in the know] as if it was a privilege to have someone bring you your food--so much eo that "MammaZu'd" became a verb to describe such situations as when you could not catch a waiter's eye to get a water refill for 15 minutes [you had been MammaZu'd].

              I agree that service for years now has been very friendly and helpful but the myth lives on.

              And you are right about apps and wine [though my wife likes the veal here]--talk to Gary the owner--he knows Italian wine and often has somethng he likes not on the list because he just has a bottle or two.

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                Thanks for the info julesgarcia. I've only been going there for the past 8 years so perhaps the service had already been improving when I started going.

              2. Just been there..done that.. wont' do that again. Want to eat rubber clams, shrimp and mussels in a watery broth??? How about cold cheese that is too dry to swallow? Want more? Bitter and tastless Tiramisu? Well, read the name of this restaurant and you'll know where to go !! From appetizers - to entree- to dessert: very disappointing.

                Gary (the owner) does know his wines - great list. Wonderful service, great host and wait staff. Atmosphere is severely lacking - somewhere between wanna-be and "I don't care" doesn't work. Just a tiny bit of care and consideration to the ambiance would go a long way to hide the bad food. Enuf said. I'll go home and eat some really good food.

                Italian chick from New York