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Aug 28, 2006 11:58 AM

What I like (& don't like) about my top-of-the-line Cuisinart toaster oven....

I'm still searching for a decent toaster oven. I bought the top of the line Cuisinart about a year ago. The toast is only so-so...browns on the top but not the bottom. I use it mainly as an oven (it has a convection feature) and for that it's very good. It also broils altho I've never used that particular setting. My biggest complaint is that the white finish is chipping & cracking & turning from white to a dingy beige already so it looks like sh*t. There's only DH & I so no one is abusing it. Very disappointed.

I'm semi-tempted by the Panasonic TO ... read the mainly good reviews on Amazon ... it's great looking but it seems small & I'll want to use it as an oven just as I do the Cuisinart. However, the toast function is excellent according to the reviews but the oven maybe not so much (altho some seem to like it).

I'm looking for TO-input! Thanks!

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  1. Why don't you check with Consumer reports magazine? I usually get a report from them about something I want to buy. Check your local library, or get an online subscription.

    1. I've decided that if you want to make decent toast you need to make it in a toaster, not a toaster oven. I've never come across a toaster oven that could do the job. It does other things, but it doesn't make toast.

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        I agree that a toaster-oven does not make good toast. There are two main reasons why this is the case. In most toaster-ovens, the top and bottom heating elements are not equal distance from the toast rack, therefore, it will give uneven toasts. Also the heat source is just two long heating elements on top and bottom of the oven rather than the heating grate of a toaster.
        As stated by the previous poster, one needs a good toaster for decent toast.

      2. No consolation, but I have the same problem, only mine is chipping away to reveal the black metal underneath. I just thought my SO was being too hard on it. Guess he's off the hook!

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            Could you please tell me why?...thanks!

            1. re: fauchon

              Here's a link to previous discussion with additional links imbedded...


          2. re: Kramer

            I wasn't specific enough. The chipped finish on mine shows black. Where it is cracked (mostly around the front), it is beige (I assume from heat leakage). I'll never buy another Cuisinart appliance.

            1. re: fauchon

              This is a known issue with this particular toaster oven. I only know this because I was on the verge of buying the white Cuisinart, and while doing my final research at Amazon, Epinions, and the other food website we can't mention here, this issue came up regularly.

              It does look like Cuisinart blew this design, whether it's the materials used or if it's a manufacturing flaw. Maybe you can score a replacement if you complain loud enough???

              And, FWIW, I gave up on finding a toaster oven that can *toast*. I have a regular ol' two-slot toaster, and a Cadco convection oven for reheating, baking, etc.