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Aug 28, 2006 08:19 AM

Mario's vs. Bay Cities

Any opinions on Mario's Italian Bakery in Glendale vs. the venerable Bay Cities in Santa Monica? I'm a huge fan of Bay Cities, and recently heard about Mario's but haven't tried it yet. Any opinions?

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  1. Is this for discussion of baked goods only...or other Italian store/deli products? I go to Monte Carlo delic (attached to the Pinochio Restaurant in Burbank (on Magnolia)...and they have very little in the way of baked goods (although the deli is killer!!), but I did buy an expensive cannoli there once...I think they were something like $4.75 was the best darn cannoli I ever had in my life and worth every single penny!!! I was eating it in the car on the way to visit my mother-in-law and I almost had to pull over and have an orgasmic experience on the side of the road, it was that good...I'm not a big cannoli fan, nor am I much of a dessert eater...but this cannoli took me to new places.I don't know if they have them all the time, but if you're ever there and see them, you have to try!

    1. went there today... read the los angeles magazine article which mentioned the lamb sub there - very good. not an artful sandwich, but a dense, garlicky, almost buttery sandwich. it's rough and semi sloppy (once it's doused with au jus) but there's a nice slice of melted chees and the bread gets the job done right. a thin bit of horseradish sauce helps cut through the many thin layers of lamb, and almost resembles how a hot sauce can slice through a fat asada burrito. i would recommend it, and i have to eat more sandwiches, but so far it is in a class below bay cities. but then you're really talking about bread. mario's does it's own thing.

      1. I'll have to try that sandwich...I'm not a huge fan of their restaurant there....(it's a little too fast food Italian for me)...but it is certainly servicable in a pinch. I buy my breads and deli items there...and I used to go to Bay Cities when I lived in Santa Monica, but now I live in Sherman Oaks so B.C. is a little too far...

        1. oh the sandwich i had was from mario's, not from monte carlos... trying that place sometime this/next week...

          1. Don't know about Monte Carlo's or Bay Cities (haven't been to either)... but I've been going to Mario's Deli since I was a kid. Loved it then, love it now! I use to always get the roast beef sandwich there. A foot long roll sliced horizontally twice to make a double layered sandwich (triple layer?). Both layers contain plenty of beef that is very tasty, fresh, soft and moist with a little bit of pinkness to it. (The perfect ROAST BEEF) They also throw in lettuce, tomatoes, onions and "mix" which is your basic mayo/mustard spread. They also put slices of cheese in each deck. Sounds basic, tastes beyond that! You get all ingredients in every single bite! As I grew older, I've ventured to other subs which I love all the same! Meatball sub - great!, honey ham and havarti cheese - melts in your mouth!; sausage - just as great as meatball; proscuito with havarti cheese - excellent; even their vegetarian sub is awesome! with all different surprises inside including: artichoke hearts and avocado. My current favorite is corned beef with havarti cheese... They also make their own tiramisu which they sell frozen to eat at home later. It is sooooo good! I also will stop by to pick up a slice of pizza which is very authentic and a single slice for under $2.00 is very filling. So, my suggestion... try a basic sandwich first, like roast beef, turkey, ham, etc. and then go back and try a different sandwich, and then another, and another. Took me over 20 years!