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Aug 28, 2006 06:06 AM

chinese recommendations near alhambra for an ex-new yorker

i had got some good dim-sum reccomendations on here last week so i thought i'd try again for other styles of chinese food.

i'm not as knowledgeable w/ chinese food as i am w/ some other cuisines so i tend to not do a very good job at describing what i'm looking for. for any other new yorkers out there, my favorite places in the city were sweet n tart, dumpling man and the scallion pancake joint on katherine st. i'd give anything for some dumpling man veggie dumplings now.


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  1. Had some wonderful Chinese food in the area of Rowland Heights (large Chinese community). I'm sorry I can't give you the exact name of the place. It was located in a shopping center.

    They specialized in Shanghainese cuisine...yum!

    1. None of those 5 dumplings for $1 places in L.A. like in Manhattan Chinatown. However, there are a number of great dumpling places throughout the San Gabriel Valley that have a much wider variety of dumplings than places like Fried Dumpling in New York. My favorite is Dumpling 10053, 10053 E. Valley. Bl. in El Monte. Other posters can give you more info about places like Luscious Dumplings, Dumpling House and Dumpling Master.

      1. Well, the newly relocated Hunan Style Restaurant, formerly in San Gabriel on San Gabriel Blvd., is now located at 903-05 W. Valley Blvd., corner of Atlantic, and it serves some fabulous Hunan style (no surprise there), meaning spicy/hot foods that are truly wonderful. Must go with that thought in mind, however as Cantonese it is not.
        There have been previous posts regarding this place, formerly known as the Crown Cafe or Hunan Restaurant, but postings were fairly unanimous in praise of the food.

        1. If you're hankering for some vegetable dumplings, Din Tai Fung makes good ones.