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Aug 28, 2006 05:50 AM

Dilallo Burger

When I was a kid in mOntreal, I used to go there with my uncle and totally loved their food. I went back many years later to a location in Saint-Henri. Are they still around? Perhaps under another name? Hmm.... Buckburger double meat, double peppers.... To me, no other burger quite comes close...

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  1. The one on Sherbrooke W. in NDG just closed it's doors about a year ago.

    1. The original location (on Allard in Ville Emard) is still open and doing a good business. The ones on Notre-Dame (a few blocks east of Atwater) and on Dollard in Lasalle are both still open. I had a burger from Allard a couple of months ago and was pleased with it. Didn't care for the fries, though.

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      1. re: RomanW

        Sorry to correct you Roman, but the Dilallo location on Allard is not the original location. However it's definitely the oldest Dilallo, been there since around the early 60's I believe. The original Dilallo is no more(it was located not too far from the current Dilallo on Allard).

        1. re: BLM

          The Ville Emard Dilallo is currently running ads on TEAM990 during which they say something to the effect that they're "still at the same location".

          1. re: RomanW

            I spoke with the current Ville Emard Diallo owner around a year or two ago, after they celebrated an anniversary, & he told me that their current location is not the original location(it's close to the original location, but it's not the original location).

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              (this is in addition to what I posted today)

              The official full name of Dilallo is Diallo Burger Original 1929. So it was started in 1929, & it was their 75th anniversary when I spoke with the Ville Emard Diallo owner(in 2004). He told me then, that they have been at their current location since the 60's(their location is the oldest Dilallo still operating).

              1. re: BLM

                The original location is 4 blocks down, and it was a little hole in in wall on the corner of Allard and Monk. In the 60's the city (STCUM) bought their location to build the Metro and they opened a new restaurant (10 times the size) on their present location.

        2. I went to the Notre-Dame Dilallo's about a month ago, with a friend who had fond memories (long time ago). We both absolutely abhorred the hamburgers and the fries. Would not recommend it. Sorry.

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          1. re: leeds

            IMO, the only thing worth getting at Dilallo's is the burgers. It's a pretty good burger, not outstanding.

          2. Fresh meat cooked on the home made grill plates. Can't go wrong with that.
            I only go to the one on Allard street.
            They had a few restaurants around but none was as good has the one on Allard street.

            1. Do they still have the Buckburger?

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                1. re: BLM

                  How much IS a Buckburger these days. I left 514 in 88. It was well over a buck then.

                  1. re: chukcanuk

                    its about $5

                    Another location opened about 2 yrs ago in a stripmall on the 132 in St. Catherine

                    Dilallo Burger Original
                    4740 132 Rte, Sainte-Catherine, Quebec J5C 1V9