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Aug 28, 2006 05:50 AM

fresh mozzarella for homemade pizza

i want to use fresh mozarella cheese for my pizza but either the sauce was watery or the cheese was too watery.... is there a certain brand i should use for cheese or is it just how it is with fresh mozarella?

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  1. use fresh low moisture mozarella, the best brand to use it... hard to remember... starts w/ a k, like korsomething.... has a green or red striped package.... will get back to you. but definetly use low moisture..... blast....

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      I've used fresh Buffalo moz from Costco; inexpensive and real tasty. I think their other fresh comes in a 3 pack, it doesn't dry out or lose it's taste after a few days. Anyhow, you'll finish it all with fresh basil and tomatoes now in season.

    2. Also, you can press it in a towel to remove some of the moisture.

      1. I just started making pizza at home myself, and I've been using Belgioso fresh mozz which I get in a sealed 2 pack at BJs. Not packed in water so it's nice and dry. And as noted, it's great to have around for tomato and mozz salad. I also drain my tomatoes for an hour or two before cooking, to get rid of all the water (actually I save the water for next time I make sauce) or you can buy "pizza sauce" already made; it has to be almost as thick as tomato paste.

        1. Try smoked mozzarella for a less watery texture and a lovely smoked flavor. Thank you.

          1. Costco stocks Polly-O grated mozzarella. It comes in huge bags, must be 5lbs or so. It's in the frozen food section.