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Aug 28, 2006 04:26 AM

What Happened to Troquet?

Was in Costa Mesa this weekend, and learned that Troquet has closed. Anyone know what happened, and/or what the plans are?

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  1. They must of finally turned off all of the people who used to find this place wonderful. I had some amazing dinners there in the past. The last time was mediocore are best. It looks like the last of the Goodell restaurants in O.C have bit the dust. more to go, Red Pearl in H.B.

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    1. re: cdmedici

      So sad...wonder why they let everything slip in OC...

      How are they doing in L.A.?

    2. yes that is sad, I too was once a real fan of Aubergine, Troquet etc.

      I'm disappointed that the Goodells seem to have turned their backs on their roots here in The OC.

      1. Word on the street is that it was a lease renewal that went south. Had the business been rip-roaring, that might not have been the scenario...

        1. i, too, think it unfortunate to lose the Goodells in L.A., not that all their ventures have worked out in L.A. meson g...good, but gone. whist...they're not there anymore either. it's great to have a decent place to go to in the OC, but last i spoke to Liza, she said that the majority of OC diners were really more about the scene and didn't even know what an aubergine was. she really misses her loyals in OC, but they weren't enough to pay the light bill, unfortunately.

          i thought troquet was terrific.

          1. i too was a fan of troquet and really loved aubergine but i can still remember an unfortunate experience at aubergine involving ms. goodell - sat at the "chef's table" with 6 other people. dedcided to order a bottle a champagne, mispronounced the name of the champagne, she had to chime in with a snooty correction of how it's pronounced, then later let another person in the party know she was using the wrong fork when eating one of the was my recommendation to come to this restaurant and it was the wife of the person paying for the meal that was given the rude education , boy did he give me a look !!! he also sent me an e-mail with an oc article about the restaurant closing ...too bad, i really did like the food, but screw 'em - i have not been to any of their restaurants in la and i never will

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            1. re: kjs

              And yours and many similar Orange County experiences they had for over 10 years are the reasons they are only operating in LA County - they do not have to explain, show, pronounce, etc.
              Tim cooks as well as any local chef, yet if it is not appreciated, you go where it can be appreciated and obviously paid for, and maybe even allow the owners to make some money.
              They are doing fine at Dakota, will probably do fine enough at Red Pearl in the former Meson G space.
              I had several sublime meals at Aubergine, and I would drive from Sherman Oaks to do so. But if you are only busy on Fridays and Saturdays, you cannot and will not make money, and that is where they finally drew the line in abandoning the OC.

              1. re: carter

                Interesting perspective, I think you have a good point there.

                1. re: carter

                  what are you talking about ? i did not know pretentious, condescending, rude service is the standard in oc or la, let's see, they've closed 2 restaurants in oc ( troquet and aubergine ) and at least 2 in la ( whist and meson g ) so is it really because of the oc ? are they truly appreciated in la ? i don't know and i don't care - i agreed that the food was excellent, but service counts too !!

                  1. re: kjs

                    Never tried Troquet, but the service was always exemplary when I dined at Aubergine as well as at Meson G.
                    Meson G is opening next month as Red Pearl, and it will be their 3rd version of that concept, so maybe it was the concept at Meson G.
                    Troquet was a management contract with the So. Coast Plaza landlords among others as was the case with Whist in Santa Monica, as is their arrangement with the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel with 25 Degrees and Dakota, yet the latter is working out well. May be just a better match of food, concept and demographics. Either way, Dakota and 25 Degrees have been generally well received on this board as I recall.