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Aug 28, 2006 03:46 AM

Boston Grocery Stores

I just moved fro Calgary Canada and previous to that I was in LA. Boston has some very high rates for produce!! My god. I thought Canada would be expensive, but it is consistently half the price of the cost on all groceries here (prior to exchange rates). In LA, I found great stuff at AMAZING prices at Superior Warehouse which was a large grocery store slightly tiled towards the Hispanic market.

I am looking for groceries stores that dont have the prices of Whole Foods, Shaws and Stop & Shop. Costco is the best thing I know of. Anything else? Anything without the need to buy wholesale?


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  1. The produce can be sub optimal in some stores but you absolutely cannot beat the prices at Marketbasket. There is one in Somerville. You should post on the Boston board.

    1. Super 88 has inexpensive produce. They have locations in Boston, Dorchester, Allston, as well as a couple of suburbs.

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        You get what you pay for at Super 88, though. Anything that doesn't have particularly fast turnover is likely to be in pretty sad shape at the one here in Allston.

        Another Russo's recommendation here. I think the prices are more than reasonable, and the quality is uniformly high.

        I agree that you should look into a CSA next year. We're members of the Stillmans CSA, and have raved about it for years.

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          True, but if you look carefully, you can get some great deals, at a fraction of the cost at supermarkets and farms. I usually go for the chinese veggies and sometimes, it is a question of getting the veggies because they run out.

          In the summer, I usually go to Sergei Farms (in Belmont), Verrill Farm (Concord), Arena Farm (Concord), Busa Farms CSA (Lexington/Arlington), and whatever farmer's market I pass by. But, the prices at these places are not the least expensive, but they do taste the best.

      2. I also moved down here from Canada a few years back and it took a while for the sticker shock the wear off. Whole foods is outrageous, and I find Shaw's/Star market to be disappointing.

        I LOVE russo's in Watertown, their prices are about as reasonable as they can get and the selection is fantastic. Super 88 is also good, and some of the smaller chains (Marketbasket and the HiLo in JP).

        Otherwise, suck it up. We all do. Before you know it, you will be paying $1/potato and $2/tomato like the rest of us!

        1. I'll second Market Basket in Somerville; only drawback of that place is that it's often very crowded (and the parking lot is a mad house)so get there when they open.

          1. Market Basket is cheap, as is Hannaford stores. I have a Star market a few blocks from my house, but I avoid it because I got tired of the nasty produce there. Roche Brothers also has very good produce at a decent price.

            Of course, the key to buying it at a reasonable price is to shop the sales and buy what's in season.