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Aug 28, 2006 03:38 AM

turkish coffee

anybody have good ideas of where to get turkish coffee? preferably in a coffee house type setting as opposed to a restaurant, but i'll take what i can get.

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  1. They got Turkish coffee at Mogador on St. Marks. I know its a Moroccan Restaurant. Maybe the turkish slaves also bought the coffee to Morocco?

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      They weren't the slaves, they were the empire, and they brought it all over the Mediterranean, Middle East, etc.

    2. You can definitely have it at Turkish Kitchen, which is a full-service restaurant.

        1. If you're in Brooklyn, try Gulluoglu on Coney Island Ave between Quentin and Ave P. It's authentically Turkish (with pastries, etc. flown in from Turkey and finished on premises), and a nice coffehouse setting; Turkish coffe is on the menu and I assume they do it well (we only bought pastries and savories there). Here's a link:

          If you go, the various baklava variations are very good, and the Su Boregi (cheese) is great.

          1. ali baba in murray hill has really good turkish coffee but its a sit down restaurant.