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Aug 28, 2006 03:38 AM

Al Pastor tacos in Oakland

Where are the best these days?

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  1. The best I have had (minus the Pinapple on top you would find in Mexico) is El Farolito on E 14th near Fruitvale. Yum!

    1. I don't get to hang out in Fruitvale as often as I'd like, so El Farolito's could well be the best, but I do hang out in downtown (work there) and my favorite Mexican lunch in downtown Oakland are the tacos al pastor at Lupillo's on 17th between Harrison and Webster. Pretty tasty, even if they aren't carved off of a spit....

      1. I had very good al pastor tacos at Otaez a few weeks ago.

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          My favorites are two taco trucks: El Ojo de Agua on Fruitvale at E. 12th and El Gordo on International at 42nd (evenings and weekends only).

          I've seen pineapple on top of the spit at Otaez.

        2. My favorite is Taqueria San Jose, big and juicy for $1.75. Otaez is hit or miss.. one time they added this sauce to it that wasn't too great, plus it's a very small portion for $1.25. My coworker swears by the taco truck near High St and the 880 overpass (behind the gas station).

          1. Thanks all. I moved out of Oakland 5+ years ago, and I've been stuck looping through my old favorites. Otaez has been one of them for many years, but not for the al pastor. I can still remember the incessant sound of patting from the tortillas being made in the kitchen of Otaez the first time I wandered in. It's a fond memory; thanks for igniting it.

            As far as the pineapple goes, I'm not too concerned about the Mexican authenticity, just in the deliciousness. The al pastor that changed my life came from that first great taco truck (Zamorano) that was parked in the lot at High Street and E 14th. I'm sure it was neither spit roasted nor pineappled.

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              Thank you! I love al Pastor, and I am certain that even when not 100% authentic it can still be great. There are such possibilities for variety and subtle differences. I'd love to know authentic as a benchmark, but it won't bother me if soemthing isn't, as long as it's good.